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The Indian lingerie industry, at the moment, is seeing a growth that is unparalleled. It has undergone a transformational change in the past few years due to availability of brands, changing technology, changing consumer behavior and increased awareness. The Indian lingerie market is growing at a high rate of 24% and is sized at Rs. 56.28 bn. In fact, as will be seen later, a few segments within the industry are growing at staggering rates of over 50%.

Lingerie is one of the most understated parts of a woman’s attire. If chosen and worn properly, lingerie can bring out a look in her that she deserves. The Indian woman of today is bolder when it comes to aspirations. She is now choosy and has started giving importance to lingerie. This has been fostered by the changing social structure. The Indian society is in the midst of a makeover. The western influence is shaping today’s modern women. More and more women are now working, which has increased their disposable income.

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