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Eminence Organics In India


Eminence Organics  is claimed to be one of the best organic skin care brands in the beauty industry of India, today,  Vandana Sundra, CEO, Skin Essentials, shares with Salon India it’s present and future plans

Tell us about yourself, your professional background and career so far.
I started my career in the hotel line and shifted to FMGC worked as a brand manager for MNC. Nine years ago I got introduced to Eminence Organics and fell in love with the brand and its results, saw my skin changing after using all top brands. I quit my job invested all my Provident fund into the brand and today we are pan India working with prestigious groups of salons and spas.

What is  its USP?
The USP of the brand is that it is 100 per cent organic and we have products for all skin type and condition. We have customised solutions for skin. Our products do not contain harmful chemicals like Parabens, Petrolatum, Mineral Oils, Propylene Glycol or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. They are not tested on animals and are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.

What is the investment  done in establishing the brand?
Investment is constant we have invested Rs2 crores, so far, in the brand

What’s the product range like? Availability?
We have over 200 products and our presence is across India in all the tiers.

How is the market response of Eminence products? What are your expectations?
The market response of Eminence products is phenomenal because everyone is running away from chemicals now a day and we are the ultimate solution for everyone.

We are present in almost all the top salons and we are the hot favourite brand of clients and therapist too. The expectation is to educate the industry more about organic skin care.

Which other brand are your competitors and why?
No other brand is our competition because we are number one in our league.

What are the marketing plans to improve the current growth?
The marketing plans are to focus on retail through salons. Constantly providing new line of skin care to the market. After being successful in salons will focus on spa because we have all the fragrances and flavours which are adequate for the spa.

What is the team strength of the brand?
Our trainers are at the core strength of the brand, who are from  Kaya and L’Oréal. We  understand the value of education in this industry, as it’s more important  educate the client than anything else.

What  are the promotional initiatives you have taken to popularise the brand?
We are advertising in the print media and participating in different exhibitions and events.

What are your expansion plans? Is there any collaboration or tie-up to happen?
We grew by 45 per cent in FY 2012-13 and will definitely beat the record. Expansion is also based on retail and new lines. We are continuously  growing with salons like Looks and Headmasters in parts of India like Jammu, Dehradun, Gujarat, Kerala and Punjab. As of now, there are no collaboration or tie-ups are likely to happen.