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Starbucks Launches Handcrafted Frappuccino Blended Beverages


has launched Frappuccino made from signature coffee and personalised milk options. The ‘However-You-Want-It Frappuccino Blended Beverage allows consumers to order the blended beverage with a variety of syrups, toppings, and intensities. According to the specialty coffee retailer, some of the ‘must-try’ Frappuccino flavours include Mocha Frappuccino, Java Chip Frappuccino, and Caramel Frappuccino. Consumers can choose the milk (regular, nonfat, or soy); adjust the coffee (decaf, half decaf, or extra coffee); and add more flavour (vanilla, caramel, mocha, chocolate chips, or whipped cream).

Mocha Frappuccino has sweetened whipped cream and rich mocha-flavored sauce, blended with milk and ice while  Java Chip Frappuccino has lots of chocolate with iced coffee, topped with sweetened whipped cream and a sweet chocolate-flavored drizzle. Caramel Frappuccinoclaims to have a distinct bold flavour with a swirl of whipped cream.

The Frappuccino Blended Beverage was invented 17 years ago at a Starbucks in Santa Monica, California, by a store partner looking to provide an iced beverage for his customers.  The store began selling the new blended beverages as a variation on Iced Lattes and Iced Mochas. In 1995, Starbucks created a proprietary blend of ingredients and the Frappuccino blended beverage was launched across the country.

Starbucks entered the Indian market in October 2012 and currently operates 44 stores in India across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, and Bengaluru. Its stores are operated by the joint venture, Tata Starbucks Limited, and branded as Starbucks Coffee – “A Tata Alliance.”

Starbucks has more than 17,000 stores around the globe.