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Anand Sundaram



Anand has had a prolific 25 years career in hotels, auto retail and malls, and is known in the industry for his specialist skill sets during the launch and turnaround stages of these businesses. His penchant for Business Excellence coupled with deployment of customized strategies has helped him set new benchmarks in most organisations. He has the distinction of being recognized as the youngest hotel General Manager at 29 and was conferred with the “Prime Mover” award by General Motors for excellence in auto retailing. He is, today, considered one of the leading authorities on malls and mixed use assets in the country. Some of the recent achievements where he has played the lead role in the last decade include Inorbit, Marketcity Assets, Palladium and High Street Phoenix – brands that are highly valued today and are regarded to be the standards for malls and mixed-use assets in the country. All these organisations have won multiple best-in-class awards at national and international levels including the prestigious Maxi Award by International Council of Shopping Centres. Consulting stints with (UK) as also with hotels and large scale real estate developments have given him rare insights into how ‘Service blue printing’ and customer delight processes should be central to any organisation that seeks sustained leadership. His role at leading the planning & design team of Inorbit has helped him attain a superior understanding of the nuances of successful real estate developments. A graduate of Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa, Delhi, Anand also has a commerce degree from Delhi University and an MBA from University of Durham Business School, U.K.. He specializes in Corporate Strategy, Service Marketing, and Business Process Re-engineering and believes in creating organisations that can sustain high profitability along with growth in service oriented real estate businesses such as malls, hotels and mixed use assets.