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Mother Dairy Aims for Rs 1100 Crore from Value-Added Products


Mother Dairy is aiming at Rs 1,100- crore business from its dairy based value-added products in 2014-15, said Mother Dairy business head S. Basu.”We are targeting Rs 1,100 crore from value-added products this year. We had done Rs 800 crore business in 2013-14,” he informed. Mother Dairy had a turnover of around Rs 6,300 crore in the last fiscal.

In the eastern region, the dairy major launched new fresh fermented products like aam dahi, and following a good consumer response, is planning to increase its capacity from 12 tonnes per day to 17 tonnes per day.  “By next summer, the present capacity will increase to 100 tonnes per day with expanding our market beyond Kolkata. We are planning to launch in other eastern region cities like Jamshedpur, Bhubaneshwar and Rachi,” said Basu.

However, these products from Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable will not be available from Mother Dairy booths across the city, but will be available in other retail outlets. “This is because Mother Dairy Calcutta owns these booths and markets its own fermented products and thus our packaging colour is different,” Basu said.State-owned dairy products sold under Mother Dairy cannot use the logo and Delhi-based Mother Dairy cannot sell fresh pasteurised milk in the city, he pointed out.