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Sundev ‘Desire’ Launches India’s First Hindi Speaking Induction Cooker


Sundev’s Desire brand is all set to launch India’s first Hindi speaking Induction Cooker which it claims will guide the way forward for consumers to use the product in a language they are comfortable with.

Commenting on the launch, , Director, , said: “Adding a unique feature to our induction cooker that speaks the menus in a language you are more comfortable understanding, simply makes the product more user friendly and increases the chance of the customer to connect with it. Hence we are launching induction cooker that can speak in Hindi, going forward, we are also going to introduce the speaking induction cooker in other regional languages like Tamil, Telegu, Guajarati, and Bengali etc.”

induction cooker has other features like a touch screen control, colour  display, power and temperature setting, high cooking efficiency and user friendly, burn and shock proof. The Power Input required by induction cooker is 1800 Watts.

Sundev Appliances was incorporated in 2004 and is engaged in Product Sourcing, Quality Inspection, Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, and Marketing of Household Electrical Goods, Appliances, Electronics, Mobile, Telecommunication, Fitness Products, Austin Healthcare Products, Security &  IT Products, etc. The company is an importer, supplier, wholesaler, distributor, trader, and merchant exporter of the mentioned products. It has a pan India presence in 12 states of the country. Sundev is the authorized exclusive countrywide distributor of ‘Wonderkit’, ‘Desire’, ‘Digital Life’, ‘Calve’, ‘Menage’, and ‘Austin’ brand of products.