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Vidur Kapur: Taking the Legacy Forward


VidurKapur, Director, Care Pvt Ltd, in a short span of time has learnt the ropes. Following his father’s footsteps, he has extensive plans for the O3+ brand that he shares with Salon India.

O3+ is a reputed beauty brand that has made an impact on the skin care industry. Its products are used by salons in every nook and corner of the country. In a bid to increase the reach of the brand manifolds, , Managing Director, Visage Group, has passed on the baton to his son, Vidur. This young and dynamic Kapur scion has major ambitions as he forsees O3+ to be a major player in the Indian skin care market in the near future.

Educational background

After a masters degree in Economics and Marketing, Kapur a double graduate from the University of Manchester, UK, returned to India to understand his father’s well established business.

At present

Kapur is promoting two star products, Pedilogix, which deals with advanced Podology and Footceuticals Sciences and The Waxing Company (TWC). The professional range of Pedilogix consists of Pedi Micro Peels, Pedi Massage Creams, Pedi Wash, Pedi Masks and Pedi Spa, whereas the home care range consists of Pedi Crack Heel Mouse, Fresh Active Foot Deodorant and Hands and Feet Cream along with two accessories, Pedi Scrapper and Electronic Pedi Ball. The range is designed to provide right amount of moisture, hydration, nourishment and is said to increase elasticity and natural exfoliation. The Waxing Company (TWC) deals with depilation and is expected to dominate the depilation industry in India by 2015. Known for its therapeutic effect, the wax helps in energising, revitalising, nourishing and moisturising the skin. It’s made with vegetable oils, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to ensure healthy waxing and to reduce hair re-growth.


With association come big responsibilities. Kapur understands this and says, “It is not easy to be a scion as it brings a lot of responsibilities and the never-ending expectations. One is supposed to meet the standards that have already been set by my father. I feel I’m truly blessed. My father has set a benchmark in the industry and is a role model to many. Now it is my forte to combine my marketing expertise and international exposure, under the guidance of my father to expand operations globally. I am already handling a few international export accounts and simultaneously exploring a new generation of marketing techniques to facilitate growth.”


This self-motivated individual has major plans to maintain the hard earned market position of O3+ brand. He shares, “Till now, people feel it’s all about the cleanser-toner- moisturiser routine, whereas I feel, this approach is outdated. It has always been my father’s vision to expose India to various international developments in the skin care industry. We still need to do a lot to make people aware about skin care. More seminars and educational workshops need to be conducted. In fact, my technical team is setting a record in the interiors of Nepal by conducting 25 seminars to reach over 3,000 beauticians in a span of 27 days.

Scope in the beauty industry

Says Kapur, “The beauty and wellness industry in India contributes largely to the Indian economy. For instance, it is expected to touch a lakh crore by the end of 2015. However, we are lacking in skilled manpower and non-compliance of standards. Even the retention of skilled human capital is a big hurdle in India. I believe, there is a lot of scope for a young entrepreneur like me to generate job opportunities, maintain quality and follow certified measures to deliver the best to the Indian market.”

Boom in men grooming

Adds he, “There has been a very significant boom in the men’s grooming industry. I remember walking into a salon and finding myself amazed to see around 12 men getting facials. However, what needs to be clear is that men’s skin care products are not just a marketing gimmick. A lot of research goes behind the formulation and selection of ingredients suitable for the relatively harder skin. O3+ is the only professional skin care company in India which has dedicated a special line of facial products exclusively for men.”

About upcoming event

Giving utmost credit to the after-sales service and personal relations in the industry,
Kapur says, “We have already announced the 10th anniversary celebration of O3+ to be held in Istanbul and all our esteemed clients are invited to attend the event. Moreover, we are dedicated to transform the skin care beautician into a qualified dermal therapist through training programmes which guarantee maximum opportunity and revenue for salon and spa owners.”

The future

Unveiling the future plans of the brand, Kapur says, “Since I joined this business a year back, I am unable to give enough time to Sara Herbals, our herbal wellness brand. It’s doing well in the international market and this year, I wish to explore the Indian market. Other than that, I plan to take O3+ to the Middle East.” He also revealed that the research team of O3+ is working extensively with the professors of Harvard Business School to develop business strategies. “We have virtual meetings due to the time difference and are working towards providing the latest technologies that guarantee maximum returns for the professionals,” signs off the scion.