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Porkka introduces the new Inventus range of low energy use refrigerators and freezers. Using significantly improved thermal insulation, combined with a highly efficient, ecological cooling system, they are some of the most energy efficient commercial cabinets in the world, Porkka claims. The innovative side wall features moulded easy-clean rack runners with a magnetic gasket seal; and the clear flat LED control display panel is very easy to use. Furthermore, the new Inventus range of cabinets has a significantly low power consumption and, when combined with Porkka products’ long life cycle, cost savings will be remarkable, the manufacturer promises. www.porkka.com


With the new Crispy Hot Kicks appetizers, Salomon FoodWorld presents three fiery hot highlights and a new dimension of eatertainment with high fun factor. They impress with their natural fieriness and an extra crispy coating. To cater to every taste, the new range is available in three degrees of pepperiness. In the Crispy Hot Kicks Sweet & Spicy Peppadew peppers, the sweet and spicy Peppadew pepper defines the taste. Peppadew peppers and pieces of Habanero are blended together in soft cheese in the Crispy Hot Kicks Spicy variety. And guests with a penchant for extraordinary experiences can really sharpen their senses with the Crispy Hot Kicks X-treme. A great deal of Habanero pieces – up to 50 times hotter than jalapeño chillis – and a pinch of paprika in soft cheese create a great taste that’s guaranteed to set tongues delightfully on fire. www.salomon-foodworld.com


The perfect solution for professionals and coffee connoisseurs: With the Franke recipe app users have the possibility of taking recipes for creative beverage ideas with them on the go. From classical drinks to chocolate specialties up to cold milk foam creations – the updated recipe app ’Tasty Specialties’ takes a vast amount of Coffee-recipes to the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and is now available in the App Store. www.franke.com


The Melitta Cafina XT6 has been developed for HoReCa businesses dedicated to superior coffee quality but also seeking greater performance. One of the highlights is its intuitive, ergonomically angled user interface with large TFT touchscreen display and handy features for stacking orders and organizing the machine’s wide range of product offerings. Other features include a newly developed milk system for hot and cold milk, as well as customizable milk froths; an extremely effective grinder which preserves the coffee’s aroma and whose grinding disks are automatically adjusted to maintain the same perfect grind quality; a high grade metal brewing unit which adapts piston pressure to the respective coffee specialties; and a fully automatic self-cleaning system. www.melittasystemservice.de


Cambro is proud to unveil its latest addition in the advancement of innovative shelving solutions – Camshelving Basics Series. Innovative design, reliability and unmatched value come together in this third tier of commercial foodservice shelving by Cambro. Camshelving Basics is a new dimension in shelving that offers foodservice operators savings without sacrifice. Further reinforcing Cambro’s commitment to producing the industry’s highest quality and most durable shelving solutions, Basics will feature a lifetime warranty against corrosion. www.cambro.com


Dîner – French for ‘dinner, to dine’ – strives for the pure, clean form. The new porcelain series by Kahla takes a step back. With elegant dimensions and thin, delicate walls it sets the stage for the real star: exquisite food. With great attention to detail, award-winning designer Barbara Schmidt altered the classic lines to match the creations of today‘s kitchen. The assortment of individual pieces, which can be used in any combination, ranges from soup dishes to dessert plates, to different bowls, small bowls and platters to espresso or tea cups. It is available in pure white and in two different décors. www.kahlaporzellan.com

Dawn Foods

Dawn Foods Germany presents its new Winter Apple Pastries: the new Winter Apple Cookie (76 g) is an absolute must for all cookie lovers in wintertime. The delicious winter taste combines speculoos and crispy bits of apple. The Winter Apple Muffin (118 g) conjures up an unforgettable taste experience in the cold season, too. Its striking taste combines speculoos with a fresh and fruity apple filling. www.dawnfoods.de


Manitowoc Ice has built its reputation on developing the most innovative and reliable ice solutions for the foodservice industry. Their newest ice machine – Neo – is an all-in-one, undercounter ice making and storage solution, that provides a new level of performance, intelligence and convenience. Neo offers up to 15 kg more of ice production within the same footprint of the existing models over a 24 hour period. Extra ice production helps operators cover spikes in demand throughout the day. All of the Neo air-cooled models meet or exceed Energy Star V2.0 qualifications. That represents a 100% increase over Manitowoc’s existing undercounter offering. www.manitowocfoodservice.com

Cooper Atkins

Cooper-Atkins’ newest innovation in thermocouple technology is the HACCP Manager. The handheld thermocouple is a data-collecting instrument designed to simplify both the recording of food product temperatures and the monitoring of all corrective actions in foodservice environments. The back-office software includes a state-of-the-art database system designed for reporting, analyzing and storing temperatures and allows data to be transferred between the handheld and PC. Featuring a high level of accuracy (±1°F) and extended temperature range of -99° to 999.9°F, this multi-purpose thermocouple accepts all Type K thermocouple probes and stores as many as 3,000 temperature and 1,500 checklist records. The water-resistant handheld features a full color LCD and comes with a 5-year instrument warranty. www.cooper-atkins.com


Vitamix, the world leader in high-performance blending equipment, presents the Vitamix XL. This machine offers power and precision to maximize serving abilities, expand menu offerings and improve staff efficiency without compromising the artistry of a dish. The appr. 4.2 peak output horsepower motor and large 1.5-gallon blending capacity allow for up to 24 (8 oz.) servings in a single batch for both hot and cold ingredients. A Variable Speed Control Dial and Pulse function provide further flexibility and creativity. Also available ins a programmable model. The XL is a must in kitchens where quantity, quality and consistency are paramount. www.vitamix.com

T&S Brass

EnviroPure‘s EPW organic food waste elimination system is a completely configur-able onsite system that will fit into any supermarket, commercial or industrial kitchen. The newest commitment to sustainability from T&S Brass, the system can be built to handle from 60 kg to 7 tons of organic food waste daily. An all-natural vitamin mix – with no microbes, bacteria or enzymes – feeds the natural bacteria present in the food waste with critical nutrients that create a rapid break down. The result is a biogenic gray water effluent that can be safely streamed into municipal systems with no odours, no sludge build-up and no system clean-outs. The EPW can handle any organic food waste – including vegetables, fruits, meat, shellfish, poultry, dairy products, bones, eggshells, pits and coffee grounds—with complete decomposition within 24 hours. www.enviropuresystems.com


True’s refrigerated pizza prep tables offer market-leading design and are manufactured specifically to satisfy the demands of the busy pizza preparation area. All models are manufactured using the highest quality materials and components, providing the user with the most consistent product temperatures (0°-4°C), lower utility costs, exceptional food safety and the best value in today’s foodservice marketplace. True’s Pizza Prep tables have fully configurable pan options and can be outfitted with optional cheese and ingredient racks. With over 16 different sizes and configurations, True’s range of pizza preparation tables offers the most complete solution in the industry. www.truemfg.com