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Innerwear Trends for AW 2014-15


Check out the innerwear trends AW 2014-15 for both men and women by Ingene Insights. The all new trends are dominated by nudes, peaches, olive green, steel blue, dry blood red and elements of metallica.

The smell of eroticism and free spirited souls will engulf Autumn Winter 2014-15 lingerie trend. Nudes, peaches, olive green, steel blue, dry blood red, mustard yellow, hint of neon, elements of metallica such as gold, silver, bronze will dominate. Interestingly for innerwear AW 2014-15, one trend which is known to be associated with femininity and women is likely to come up in both genders as unisexual trend, blending the very gender line. For lingerie, both genders are keen on ‘shaping up’ concept. Even this unisexual trend is visible among apparel too. Women prefer a shaped, curvy body than just a hipster look. Yes! A kind of ‘retro diva’ like feel is there with boudoir bras and high waist panties. For men , however, this season to have a pushed up curvy back with technologically upgraded materials is charting up as ‘cool’. No wonder gender-blender concept is rocking into lingerie trend too!

Women lingerie trend for AW 2014-15


Erotism is the key word for AW 14-15 as we witness a range of caged lingeries which are bondage inspired. Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanne etc. are sporting this caged look in public, showing the obvious women freedom. The caged bras, corsets with gutter belt, bodyforms, stockings are in vogue. Particularly, the look of retro with high waist panties, emphasis on mid region, focusing on the ‘X’ structure body has gained the brownie point, as we see in Almeidi & Aubade’s AW 14-15 collection.


Chains, leather strips, metals, semi precious stones, precious and semi-precious metal are the key materials in these ornamented lingerie trend. It is obvious burlesque, time to celebrate like a performer. The metallic La Perla bra, the gold Victoria Secret bra or Frou Frou Fashionista’s mirrored bra- all are forms of celebration.

Playful sleeves

In this upcoming trend sleeves of lingerie will steal the show as in La Perla bra which has capped sleeve with lace or as in Aubade lingerie or as in Frou Frou Fashionista lingerie which has detailing on their sleeves. This design element will be a big player even in 2015. Satin robes with sleeve detailing will have a regal comeback in AW 2014-15.

Feline philia

Feline trend is already rocking into all lifestyle products starting from AW 2013-14 and is still going on. For lingerie trend, this print on satin or with funky neon colour mix as in ‘flirty pretty things’, will be a trend setter in mostly boudouir bras and pushups.

Lacey wonderland

Lace is always a classic element in lingerie trend. This time, AW 2014-15 is going to witness an array of features in which most prominent is comeback of boudouir bras with front bow tie knot. Even boudouir shape with just one element focal design bra like black La Perla lingerie will be a major player and so will be nude, blush peach and maroon colour. One of the prominent design features will be shell and leaf on lace. Floral motif will be restricted to one focal point. To add the youth element, funky neons like pink and yellow are in with the lacey boxers and satin pajamas.

Men innerwear trend for AW 2014-15


We can see a range of prints trending into men’s innerwear, be it briefs or boxers, sometimes with catchy lines as in Diesel collection ‘Party in my Pants’ or ‘tonight I am your passenger’! This funky trend is a key  characteristic of upcoming AW 2014-15 collection.


This feisty colour is associated with heroism, remember Superman has a red brief in his uniform. Colour red is the new black for AW 2014-15 trend. This trendy colour will show up in full(example- Papi, Diesel) or as in border detailing (example- grooving jockstraps). There will be a hint of glam factor with the addition of glittery silver detailing or in sheers.

Sports inspired

Inspiration from sport is a major upcoming trend in AW 2014-15 with technologically advanced stretched materials and well planned cut to pump up the back during gym work or just casual jogging. Boxers with stretchable materials as in Body tech, Pump, Calvin Klein are going to rule autumn winter 2014-15. Racer back with hoodies and neon yellows are going to be the hip glamour quotient of six-packed guys.

Wild dream

Work hard and party harder is the philosophy of this tribe. The come back up jockstraps, nude colour, sheer materials and specific designs such as laced up front brief as seen in Modus Vivendi are evidence of wilderness. This erotic upcoming trend will celebrate free spirited, untamed natures.