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Top 10 Spas in India


According to the data released by International Monetary Fund, an economic sub-sector experiencing significant growth and evolution is the spa industry in India. The extended global spa economy is now estimated to be worth over $255 billion. India will also continue to be a hot spot for those that seek travel services that incorporate diverse wellness packages, including people who couple medical procedures with spa indulgences, Ayurvedic treatments or cultural immersion experiences. The Indian spa industry is increasing every year, making the country one of the most popular spa destinations across the world.

The Indian spa industry, with over 2,300 spas, generates revenues around US$ 400 million annually. At present, India has over 25 major spa centres, most of them in the Southern states of Kerala and Karnataka. The market continues to grow, with over 700 spas predicted to open their doors in the next five years. While the spa market in India is still a modest sliver of the overall $60-billion-plus global spa economy, India is poised to attract significantly more western tourists (particularly on the medical/wellness/travel front) as well as continue to develop its own vibrant, indigenous spa market at a heady pace. Indian spas will also continue to expand their Ayurvedic menus, for both their passionate overseas clientele who want to experience authentic Ayurvedic therapies, as well as for local enthusiasts who are either already familiar with the benefits, or who wish to adopt their own Indian healing traditions for the first time.

Spa: Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai
Views on the industry: The spa industry is moving away from pampering to wellness and going beyond the body to heal the soul. This is an opportunity for many to make a difference in people’s lives. The wellness segment also has the potential to offer millions of job opportunities. The entry of organised players shows that the industry s growing.
Investment made: Not disclosed
Therapies offered: Traditional Ayurvedic therapies; western treatments; Chi Studio; crystal steam room; ice fountain and vitality pool
Products used: Sodashi; Ila
Architect: Designed by Deckelmann Wellness
Opportunities in the space:
Challenges in the space: Lack of trained manpower
Year-on-year growth: Not disclosed
Spokesperson: Martin Hilton, Senior Spa Director, Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Spa: Mayfair Pevonia Spa, Mayfair Hotels & Resorts, Gangtok
Owner: Dilip Ray
Inspiration behind setting up the spa:
Views on the industry: The spa industry is moving away from pampering to wellness and going beyond the body to heal the soul. This is an opportunity for many to make a difference in people’s lives. The wellness segment also has the potential to offer millions of job opportunities. The entry of organised players shows that the industry s growing.
Investment made: Not disclosed
Therapies offered: Face therapies, body massages, anti-cellulite by Endermologie
Products used: L’Oreal Professionnel for hair; Pevonia; Cloud 9
Architect: Sanjog Raya
Opportunities in the space: Over the past few years, the residents of Gangtok ,Sikkim along with the other people have become more discerning about his/her healthy state of mind & body. Everyone has become aware of their wellness and the locals out here have started to take spas most often.
Challenges in the space: Lack of trained manpower
Year-on-year growth: Not disclosed
Future plans: Wellness weeks, yearly membership plans and promotional strategies
Spokesperson: Lalita Chettri, Spa Manager, Mayfair Spa

Spa:Kaya Kalp – the Royal Spa, ITC Mughal, Agra
Owners: ITC Hotels
Inspiration behind setting up the spa: In order to relive Babur’s nostalgia of Firdaus aka paradise in Persian, Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa takes cue from the grandeur of the Mughal era. The lietmotif of pomegranate fruit, a symbol of health and vigor, is present on the walls and carpets and is carried across the spa.
Investment made: Not disclosed
Therapies offered: Indian and western therapies; Pomegranate sugar scrub, Kaya Kalp massage, Indian foot masage; gemstone massage
Products used: Both local and international brands
Architect: Designed by Pradeep Sachdeva & Associates, P 49 of Singapore have designed the interiors.
Year-on-year growth: Not disclosed

Spa:Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort, Bangalore
Owners: Banyan Tree Group
Inspiration behind setting up the spa: Angsana Spa, the sister brand of Banyan Tree Spa, takes its name from the exotic tropical Angsana tree. Sensing the moment, Angsana Spa complements Banyan Tree Spa with its contemporary chic and vivacious treatments. Inspiring guests to live life spontaneously and savour time, its refreshing blend of treatments emphasises the use of native flowers and fruits.
Views on the industry: The economic downturn in some countries is likely to affect the consumers’ spending behaviour, ability and desire to spend on spa treatments. However, we have noticed that guests from Asian countries continue to have strong patronage for our spas. Investment made: Not disclosed
Therapies offered: Signature contemporary treatments; bamboo massage
Products used: Both local and international brands
Opportunities in the space: Current travel trends reveal a convergence of health, travel and hospitality. The spa industry is emerging to fulfill these needs by embracing wellness and focusing on experiences. Guests are increasingly visiting spas for holistic and wellness purposes apart from the basic relaxation. There is also a rising trend among men to visit spas.
Challenges in the space: Recruiting the right candidate to work with us. However we ensure our spa maintains a high standard of service.
Year-on-year growth: Not disclosed
Future plans: By the end of 2014, we will open eight more Banyan Tree Spas and five Angsana Spas in India, Morocco and China. The company has set its sights on the latter to fast-track its growth, with approximately 20 new spas slated to be launched in China by 2015.
Spokesperson: Kanruethai Roongruang, Assistant Vice President and Executive Director of Spa Operations for Banyan Tree Spas and Angsana Spas

Caressa Spa, Mumbai
Owners: Caressaa is a joint venture of Heera and JCKRC Pvt Ltd – the  brain child of Rekha Chaudhari and J C Kapur.
Inspiration behind setting up the spa: As compared to a trip to the tropics which is very expensive and time consuming, a trip to a spa is much quick and affordable to de-stress oneself. This thought was one of the inspirations behind setting up Caressa – Beauty & Spa. It is the best mode of breaking stress looms in today’s stress filled environment.
Views on the industry: It’s on the rise but it’s important to get skileld manpower and use quality products.
Investment made: Rs1 crore
Therapies offered: Body, face and hand and feet rituals
Products used: Remy Laure, Oligodermie and Phytomer.
Architect: Design concept by Rekha Chaudhari/ JCKRC
Opportunities in the space: With Caressa, we (JCKRC) adopted Spa Designing Concepts. This led us to undertake national and also international designing concepts / projects.
Challenges in the space: The increasing number of spas in the locality offering a lot of discounts to attract customers, but we instead of targeting crowd with discounts & deals believe in and provide quality services, and that’s what hooks the guests to us.
Year-on-year growth: 15 – 20 % yearly
Future plans: We at Caressa, are open with the concept of franchisee.
Spokesperson: Rekha Chaudhri

Spa: Ananda In The Hills, Rishikesh
Owners: Ashok Khanna, the founder and managing director, set up Ananda 12 years ago with his wife Neelam Khanna. It took them 5 years of research before Ananda came into fruition.
Inspiration behind setting up the spa: Rishikesh is the birthplace of yoga. It has an innate sense of spirituality because of its proximity to the Ganges and the holy city of Haridwar. Yogis have meditated in this region for centuries and the energy is palpable. All this comes together to make the location truly special.
Views on the industry: In today’s world, with the rising stress levels among all, there is a growing need for wellness centres of all kinds. People realize that the little time that they are able to take out of their busy careers should be meaningfully spent recharging their batteries.
Therapies offered: Ayurvedic, healing and international experiences
Investment made: Not disclosed
Products used: In-house.
Architect: Chhada Siembieda (www.csa-hk.com)
Opportunities in the space: Health and wellness is coming into the mainstream today and fortunately everyone sees the importance of bringing it to the forefront in their daily lives. Everyone wants to learn how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life and we are fortunate to be able to provide people with that knowledge and start them on the path to good health.
Challenges in the space: The wellness market in India is still maturing, as compared to the west, but we see this as an opportunity more than a challenge.
Year-on-year growth: 10-15 per cent.
Future plans: We are exploring opportunities for expansion both in India and internationally as well. We have a confirmed Ananda project in the pipeline; however, we are not at liberty to talk about it as yet.
Spokesperson: Mahesh Natarajan – Senior Vice President – Sales, Marketing & Business Development, IHHR Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Spa: The Spa at Ranbanka, Jodhpur
Owners: The Spa by the Baradari is owned by Ranbanka Palace but is managed by professionals from the industry with trained therapists providing a range of treatments which are customized to suit the guest’s needs. Ranbanka Palace is promoted by Rajkumar Karanvijay Singh and Kanwarani Shweta Rathore who converted the property into a heritage hotel in 2000.
Inspiration behind setting up the spa: We started the Spa at Ranbanka Palace five years ago seeing the growing interest in wellness therapies. What started off as a luxury service has now become a necessity.
Views on the industry: We feel that Spa’s are here to stay.  The need for rejuvenation and wellness treatments will continue to grow. Growing awareness and the need for rejuvenation and relaxation has created a demand for Spa’s and many guests have come to expect a Spa especially in leisure destinations like Jodhpur.
Therapies offered: Signature treatments, Ayurveda massages and  traditional royal treatments suitable for the Rajasthani weather.
Investment made: Not disclosed
Products used: The products that are being used at the Spa are all natural products using Indian herbs, bathing salts and pure essential oils.  The Spa offers traditional Indian massages using Ayurvedic treatment methods with herbal infused oils and herbal powders.  For the European massages, the Spa uses aromatherapy oils.
Architect: Not disclosed
Opportunities in the space: In any leisure property, it is important to provide enough facilities to keep the guests entertained. The Spa is an important add-on facility for any hotel. We have seen guests who have inquired about the Spa facilities while making a room reservation at the hotel and some have also booked a Spa treatment even before reaching Jodhpur.  This highlights the level of importance given to Spa’s when selecting a hotel.  We have started promoting our Spa even more now as a result of this feedback and have created special packages which have been developed around Spa treatments.
Challenges in the space: Jodhpur, as a destination, is a short-stay destination which is combined with a trip to Jaisalmer or Udaipur because it is perceived as not having much to do. However, Ranbanka Palace is centrally located which makes it very convenient for our guests to visit the local sights and for shopping, leaving them with very little time to spend in the hotel. Despite that, our Spa has been very popular and our guests ensure that they avail of a treatment early in the morning before they have to leave the hotel.
Year-on-year growth: 15 per cent.
Future plans: We are looking to add new treatments and new methods to enhance the guest experience. We will be looking to integrate the Spa treatments with customized food to match the type of treatment that is undertaken. We are also looking at more packages which include Spa, Yoga and Meditation to provide a complete rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.
Spokesperson: Sandeep Arora, General Manager, Ranbanka Palace, Jodhpur

Spa: Niraamaya Retreats, Cardamom Club, Thekkady
Owners: Jupiter Capital, PEF, based out of Bangalore
Inspiration: Niraamaya means “a sense of well-being” in Sanskrit. It imbibes our philosophy of wellness, which is woven into the fabric of our gracious hospitality. The inspiration comes from the fact that we wanted to create a high-end, boutique retreat which offers the unique convergence of hospitality and wellness, as a one of a kind “Niraamaya Experience”. We currently have two operational retreats in Kovalam and Thekkady and our broad spectrum of patrons are largely from UK, Germany, CIS, Middle East and of course India.
Views on the industry:
Therapies offered: Ayurveda, western massages, Vichy showers
Investment made: Rs 8 crores.
Products used: The spa products we use are essential to a memorable experience at the Niraamaya Spa. We have chosen the best spa and skin care lines the industry has to offer.
Architect: Karl Damschen
Opportunities in the space: Niraamaya continues to set industry benchmarks with its passion and innovation in providing new destinations to engage its loyal clients throughout the world. We already have ongoing projects in Goa, Kumarakom and Chkmagalur. We have been approached by some big names in the fashion industry based out of Italy and France who would like us to setup operations in a joint venture format. These enquiries give us a huge amount of confidence. We intend to build a chain spas Internationally and in India with the Niramaya brand.
Challenges in the space: The challenges the spa industry faces today are numerous. Many of them are a consequence of the way the sector has evolved in recent years. Although spas are becoming mainstream it is faced with many obstacles, future trends hint towards a more rapid process. Those spas that are willing to improve the quality of services through specialisation and an appropriate pricing policy will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage in the market. In order to achieve that, it is essential to implement, once and for all, a clear business model focused on the needs of the client along with a coherent pricing policy.
Year-on-year growth: 65 per cent
Future plans: We have plans for the spa division at Niraamaya to offer a full spectrum of spa management, consulting and development services for hotels, resorts and residences. With quick return of investment (ROI) and financial returns. Its franchise, consultancy and development solutions will comprise of business development opportunities, unique treatments and bespoke retail for Niraamaya Spa franchises as well as bespoke, private-label spas tailored for resorts, hotels and residential enclaves. The Niraamaya Spa team of experts will include treatment specialists, retail product experts, spa consultants, spa managers, auditors and spa designers.
Spokesperson: Manu Rishi Guptha, CEO, Niraamaya Retreats

Spa: Shvasa Spa, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon
Owners: Shavasa Spa is run independently by Hyatt Regency Gurgaon.
Inspiration: The Shvasa Spa at Hyatt regency Gurgaon gives a chance to its patrons to escape from the chaos of the city and invigorate their senses by offering health and wellbeing therapies that are tailor-made for each guest. The well crafted programs provide a holistic experience retrieving the balance of body, mind and soul.
Views on the industry: Spas are a way of life for corporate and long-stay travellers.
Therapies offered: Full Body Massage, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Manicure and Pedicure and Facials
Investment made: Not disclosed
Products used: June Jacobs and Forest Essentials
Architect: The design conceptualised by P49 Deesign & Associates Co ltd, Bangkok.
Opportunities in the space: Being a Hotel Day Spa , Shvasa Spa since its opening in Dec’13 has been able to create a foray with In house Corporate and Longstay guests as well as the weekend traveller visiting the hotel on leisure.
Challenges in the space: The location of the hotel and thus the Spa has somewhat restricted the growth of Fitness Centre memberships and non resident footfalls.
Year on year growth: Only been 3 months of opening. Focus has been mainly on Massages, body treatments and facials.
Future plans: Increase in Fitness Centre memberships from guests that work or stay in close proximity of the hotel or work around the hotel. Build non resident footfalls in Spa massages. The focus is also to add some recreational activities for guests and members at the poolside like yoga, swimming lessons , kids activities etc.
Spokesperson: Vishal Sapra, Director of Rooms, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon

Spa: The Palms Spa, Mumbai
Owners: Neville  and and Sabita Umrigar
Inspiration: My inspiration has always been the pulse of this vibrant city, I want to give people an opportunity to experience world class treatments in their city.
Views on the industry: I believe that in a city like Mumbai, that is so chaotic and fast paced, one needs a breather to relax and rejuvenate your senses. A spa is an ideal retreat to recharge those batteries and since it is not feasible for one to travel overseas to experience the best spa holidays. I, I have brought that experience to Mumbai in the form of The Palms Spa. From therapists trained in the best spas of Thailand, to soothing interiors in the midst of the lush greenery of Dhanraj Mahal, Colaba, The Palms Spa is an oasis of luxury for all Mumbaikars.
Therapies offered: International massages, reflexlogy, polishes, scrubs and facials, Matrix Rhythm Therapy
Investment made: Not disclosed
Products used: Sothys, BCL and Matrix machines
Architect: Tanya Merchant
Opportunities in the space: We were able to obtain techniques from top Thai spas like Banyan Tree etc and have a close association now with the Thai Spa Association.
Challenges in the space: Constant updating of massage techniques requiring top trainers to be flown down periodically from Thailand .  Up-gradation of steam and incorporation of essences into steam and other equipments . This has been the biggest hurdle as I would like to introduce the concept of flavor based steam options such as Vanilla, Lemongrass, etc but am unable to do so as this requires the spa to be closed down and that is not economically viable.
Year-on-year growth: We have seen a steady growth in our short span and more importantly the essence of a relaxing massage , or scrub or facial finally seems to be a part of everyday life.
Future plans: We are now expanding to Bangalore in August 2014 , Goa in October 2014 and Hyderabad in early 2015.

Spa: Rejuve Spa, The Lalit, Mumbai
Owners:   Bharat Hotels Limited is the owners of The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group.
Inspiration: Not disclosed
Views on the industry: Not disclosed
Therapies offered: Aroma, Ayurvedic, herbal and natural therapies, patented colour healing and yoga.
Investment made: Rs7.5 crores
Products used: Forrest Essentials & Sharda Pharmaceuticals ( Ayurveda)
Architect: Bobby Mukerjee & Associates.
Opportunities in the space: Customising treatments for rapidly growing men’s spa market, cashing in on India’s travel and Spa tourism sector, going beyond the traditional spa services to include Medi Spa / Invasive treatments which would play a very important role in the evolution of Rejuve. Exclusive one of kind Spa membership marketed as Spa Holics in each city.
Challenges in the space: City Spas must compete with Stand alone beauty salons and gyms, which are increasing their spa offerings, surge in the spa and wellness industry has resulted shortage of skilled therapists and spa managers.
Year-on-year growth: Not disclosed
Future plans: Expansion of Rejuve into international arena with opening of The Lalit in London.
Spokesperson: Lalit Mundkur, Cluster Spa Manager, Rejuve Spa, The Lalit, Mumbai