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Tactful Pitching for Revenue Generation


In a slow economy, the need of the hour for an entrepreneur is to think of novel way to increase the revenue. In the beauty and wellness industry, salon and spa owners need to realise that every walk-in customer asking for one service, has the potential to use other existing services as well. So how about coaxing him into getting a pedicure or an express facial while he is waiting for his hairstylist to be free? Even buying products from the retail shelf increases the ticket value

Salon owners views

Talking about the dynamics as seen at SAKS, Abhirup Nandy, Senior Stylist, SAKS Hair and Beauty in Mumbai says, “When a client comes to us, she knows about the basic service that she is looking for. However, every service first begins with a consultation from our SAKS Expert (stylist, beauty therapist or nail technician) during which clients get a better idea of what problem or concern areas they can target. Many of our clients do upgrade service or even add on more services.” Adding further, he says, “We have nail art and nail extension services (no tattoo). Our clients usually prefer to get a manicure or pedicure done during the hair colouring service.” SAKS offers various offers, packages and promotions that are introduced so that customers can avail benefits and leave delighted with a feel good factor. After all, who wouldn’t want to be pampered in the lap of luxury and also get a free service or special discount! Nandy adds, “We also have our SAKS Loyalty Programme, which we extend to our loyal customers. This has been developed in such a way that the customer receives benefits each and every time they visit SAKS.”

Vikram Mohan from Bounce Salon in Bangalore shares, “Clients mostly like to go in for services like manicure, pedicure and nail extensions, while their hair colour is developing, or while they are getting a hair straightening service, which has 45 minutes of development time. We also offer 30 or 60 minutes of foot reflexology service for clients who would just like to relax during the waiting period.”

Elton Steve Vessoaker, Creative Director, Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salon Pvt Ltd, Bandra shares, “For a client today, it is 50-50 where some know what they want and will get it, while some like us to suggest new treatments and services and we like doing that to keep it interesting for them. We have added an amazing de-stress massage, which is a hand, foot, back and shoulder massage that clients can enjoy while their colour processes. Besides manicure pedicures, we also offer waxing which can be done in between technical procedures.”

Wendy Reynolds, Founder, Wendy’s Salon and Spa in Kolkata says, “Apart from the regular services, customers look for funky hair extensions. Nail art and gel nails are a big trend these days. Body scrubs and regular body massages are a must for many customers on a regular basis.”

Naz Gazdar, Senior Salon Director, b:blunt at Kemps Corner in Mumbai says, “The client today is more experimental with trying new services. She makes an impulse decision to go for additional services, as opposed to just seeking what she had entered the salon for. Our clients can choose from a foot massage, manicure, pedicure or gel nails in between other hair services.”

Retail shelves at salons and spas

Several hair and beauty brands are making their presence felt through the salons from where they retail their products. Sharing a brand’s perspective, Smira Bakshi, Head – Kérastase India shares, “The initial challenge was to develop luxury within salons in India. It is extremely important to choose the right partners who are able to provide not only the ambience of luxury, but also have people with strong skin care expertise and communication skills to understand and explain the nuances of our products and rituals to the consumer.”

According to Reynolds, at Wendy’s Salon & Spa, there is an array of retail products from shampoos and hair serums to hair masks and many customers pick up these products from the salon after a service like straightening or any other treatment. Reynolds adds, “We also keep hair brushes like flat brushes and roller brushes in trendy animal prints, brought from Thailand or Singapore, which many customers can’t resist!”

For Naz, 25 per cent of their business comes from products being sold off the shelves. Adding further, she says, “We stock the professional range of products primarily from Kérastase and L’Oréal Professionnel.”

“At Bounce,” Mohan shares, “We primarily retail products from brands like L’Oréal, Schwarzkopf and Wella. Clients are definitely very receptive about buying products from the salon, as these are professional range of products, which are not available in the consumer market, and also what the stylist recommends is based on the individual hair and scalp concerns. For Mohan, like Naz, on an average 20 to 25 units of products are sold through the salon.