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Oomph Academy in Bangalore Going The Extra Mile


The Oomph Academy offers one of the best training programs for hair-stylists with a vision to create individuals who become the mega force behind the Hair and Fashion Industry. In collaboration with , the academy is run by , the Director and film actress Madhuri Bhattacharya.

The academy educator, Shalika Kunwar had done her Basic Hair-Styling Course from Monita Academy Hong Kong, Advanced Hair-styling course from Vidal Sassoon and UK and Essential looks and colour from Singapore. Having noticed that India’s lacking in salon academies and existing academies that charge an exorbitant fee, Shalika decided to open an academy with a purpose.

Says Shalika,”The purpose of bringing this academy is that we will go individual. So if some students who have the aptitude and the talent but can not afford to pay for the course, then we actually twist and turn the fee. As the Indian government does not recognize our industry to introduce loans for students who are looking at doing their Diploma in Hair-Styling, so we sponsor 2 students out of 9 or 10 in every course, who will be chosen based on their aptitude and dedication which can change their lives. We have brought down our fees to as low as Rs.15000 for the 7 months training. The rest is borne by the academy. It is not a business venture, the purpose is to get more technically trained people in India, which is lacking today. Proper education and training can bring ethics in a work environment. Salons are mushrooming at a much higher rate. If there are a 100 good hair-stylist then it brings a certain balance.”

The training is conducted by Shalika Kunwar, Director and Tetorah Thaneneaihkim who graduated from the Oomph academy. Collaborations with Swarzkopf Professional have brought many foreign teachers to come and station at Oomph Academy for 3-4 days of every course. The foreign teachers are usually the brand ambassadors who have more than a decade or two of experience. Sebastian Tan the brand ambassador for Swarzkopf Malaysia had spent 4 days with the Oomph academy previously. He has now 4 academies and 23 salons in the last 20 years.
It is a creative field where every student can develop their own style. There is a 100% placement after the course. The training includes floor work where the students can invite their acquaintances in the initial part of the course. Towards the end of the last 2 months of the course, brochures are distributed to college students who come for hair-cuts at a 70% slashed rate, with guidance from the invigilators who makes sure that nothing goes wrong. The technical aspect is one part but the flare is another part to deliver a good job. There are mock consultation training classes. Students are taught to deal with the trade with passion. Each course is a little longer than 6 months with projects and a detailed theory on the science of hair treatment. There will also be a fashion show where the students will have a chance to exhibit their styles to judges.

A tool kit will be provided to each student.
1. Basic Hair Course is a 12-week program divided into 4 core phases of learning. This course covers topics from Science of hair, Basic Cuts using single length, Layering, Graduation, Round Graduation and Length Variation, Scissors – over – comb Techniques, blow-drying, Styling, Elementary Colors, Forms including Straightening and Curling, Creating Looks, Customizing looks and Client Consultation.
2. Advanced Hair course –is a 5 week program designed to provide in-depth knowledge in the area of Hair -Dressing and Styling and understanding of advanced techniques.
3. Finish & Styling is a 2 week course that includes Up-styles, Styling, Tongs and Curling.
4. Form & Color is a 3 week course
5. Refresher Course is a tailor made to student requirement.

Eligibility Criterion
The candidate should have good understanding of English.

Rs.12,000 to Rs.45,000

Contact: Shalika Kunwar
Address: #555, Madhura 12th Main Road,
4th Block Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034
Phone: 080 65451422 / +91 9341243681
E-Mail: shalika_kunwar@.com