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Explore The Easy Ambience of Angdai Spa


Offering the right proportion of relaxation and rejuvenation, coupled with excellent results, is a boutique space with a dark rustic look, tranquil ambiance. The tranquility deepens as the guest passes through the gate and follows the pathway to an exotic world of beauty, serenity and pleasure. Salon India shares more about the spa.

 Angdai in English means to yawn or to stretch after a good long sleep – and that is exactly what this delivers: the right proportion of relaxation and rejuvenation coupled with excellent results.

Angdai offers the latest treatments and personalised attention. The highly professional therapists trained by Caressa Spa guide clients on the massage depending on their regime and skin type. The services include a bouquet of body massages, exfoliation techniques, wraps, clean-ups, rituals, and hand and feet care.

Those pressed for time yet keen on seeing instant results can try the black mask. Known to have 380 active oligo (minerals and trace) elements, it boosts the cells, helps in cellular metabolism and a brightened complexion amongst many others.

Design: The spa is a boutique space with a dark rustic look. We have used grey rustic tiles to create a calm space. Blue cushions have been used to add a hint of cheerful colour. Even though the spa is small, it is very cute and one can get personalised attention. We have managed to fit in a massage room and a chair for foot massages.

Name of the spa: Angdai Spa
Owner: Le Sutra Hospitality Private Limited
Size: 200 sq.ft.
Time taken to complete the construction: 3 months

Services available:

Aroma massage
The subtle aroma of the essential oils cream captivates the swing of moods, feelings and emotions. The draining properties of the essential oils of , ginger and cinnamon stimulate the whole being and helps relax the body muscles. Extracts of brown and red algae mineralises, increases microcirculation and eliminates toxins leaving the skin soft and supple with heightened moisture level.

Swedish massage
This is aimed at relieving one of stress and tuning the body. It also boosts immunity. It is the perfect treatment for relaxation, stimulation and detoxification.

Thai massage

This is a 1000-year-old oriental art of providing wellness from Thailand. In this technique, compression and stretching are used to unleash your verve.

Body massage wax
In this, an exotic perfume is used for a generous texture that melts on the skin and wraps the body in a soft cocoon. Brazil nut oil combined with Vitamin E regenerates and protects the skin. Revitalised body is the hallmark of this treatment.

Architect: , Founder and CEO, Dr.Art+Design

General manager’s quote: “Angdai Spa is a small, cozy space nestled in our hotel where one can escape all stress, unwind and simply indulge in self-pampering like never before, as we believe that all good things come in small packages,” says Sunil Potey, General Manager, Le Sutra Hotel.

Product used: Remy Laure, Silicium and Zoya

Website: www.lesutra.in