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Dr Shubha Dharmana: Driven by Passion


Following her passion for Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology, renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr Shuba Dharmana, started the Dr Shuba Skin and Laser Clinic and Le’Jeune Medspa. She is also a member of The All India Medical Council and FICCI (Charity and Women Empowerment Organization). Registered under the General Medical Council, UK, Dr Shuba talks with Salon India about skin and hair treatments, her career and the future


I worked as a general practitioner in the United Kingdom, where I spent most of my years training and working in emergency departments and hospitals throughout the country. However, I had always been passionate about skin as well as beauty. Naturally, I found the field of anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation so fascinating that before I knew it, I had amassed knowledge in Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology. I am glad my career took this path, as it is only here that I can indulge my passion for beauty and also treat and help people with skin ailments.


After my MBBS degree from Andhra Medical College in Andhra Pradesh, where I had spent my early years, I moved to the UK, where I trained in Hospital Medicine and worked across different departments, such as Accident and Emergency, Obsterics and Gynaecology, Psychiatry and Geriatric Medicine. I finally chose General Practice, but found myself having an affinity towards treatments in skin problems and beauty and cosmetic corrections. Hence, I trained under many prominent aesthetic physicians and surgeons in procedures, such as Botox, fillers, peels, dermarollers, mesotherapy, laser procedures and liposuction. I did my post-graduate Diploma in Dermatology from the University of Cardiff, Wales in order to advance my career in Aesthetic Medicine. I also travelled to Poland where I trained and worked under one of Europe’s finest hair transplant surgeons.


I see a lot of awareness in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. This area was once predominantly for celebrities and the socialites, today I see most of the demand coming from the common man. The aspirationalists are lapping it up, be it laser hair removal, peels, Botox, et cetera.

People are moving away from plastic surgery and other invasive techniques as much as possible. Non-invasive cosmetic treatments are not only safe and effective, but also require little or no anesthesia and recovery period. There is lesser risk and the procedures are often done during the lunch time, allowig them to resume work immediately afterwards.

I also see more and more men coming up and asking for pigmentation removal, acne scar reduction and laser hair removal. Mothers are exposing their daughters to laser hair removal quite early, as we now have enough evidence on how safe these treatments are.

We have more knowledge about signs and symptoms of ageing, which allows us to correct the precise underlying problem so it is possible to lift, sculpt and shape an ageing face through Botox and fillers.

Latest technology

Most startups are small, having basic treatments such as skin peels and laser hair removal. Since I started, we have invested more into newer lasers and technologies like fractional laser machines, which treats acne scars, open pores and pitting. There is also the ultralipo machine that does body contouring and reduces localised areas of stubborn fat; a hydrafacial machine, which is a liquid skin polishing system suitable for people with oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads, open pores and many more. Our skin spas are designed in a luxury ambience with soft background music, aromatic candles and flowers. Competitive market leads you to do your branding exercise better, calling for better display panels with better printing techniques and advanced light technology.

Popular treatment

Hydrafacial is a popular form of treatment that provides an instantaneous hydrated radiant look. It is also healthy, as it has cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of blackheads, whiteheads, hydration and other steps customised as per your skin needs. At Le’Jeune Medspa, we offer high quality services with latest innovative new age skin treatments that leave you looking younger, radiant and rejuvenated.

Looking back

Even though I had a budding career in the United Kingdom after having lived and worked over there for 11 years, the decision to move to India was not easy. Apart from being a General Practitioner, I was also a Slimming and a Cosmetic Doctor, working for four other private cosmetic clinics. Additionally, I was also running my own clinic ‘Cosmesthetic’ in North London. My career graph in the UK was only climbing up so I felt intimidated when I arrived in India amidst all the competition.

Cosmetic dermatologists in India had already had a head start working on stars, celebrities, marketing and positioning themselves as star doctors. Big setups and cosmetic giants had multi-crore investments and they seemed to be hogging up all the clients with their huge marketing budgets.

I was not happy with what I had seen in the clinics. Some of these giants were allowing inexperienced doctors and even non-doctors to treat skin problems. I was appalled when I realised how many of my friends related incidents where these quacks were prescribing steroids for their acne and were performing skilled procedures, such as fillers and more with no prior experience.

My intention was not to compete with these giants, but to provide safe standards of care. It has given me a platform in this field from where I am able to make a difference. I write and blog about my treatments almost every day so people have an idea of what they must expect. My ultimate goal is to empower people to make their own judgements about which doctor they should go to and what they should seek. I am thankful to certain people for recognising my skills and rewarding me for all my hard work.


We have plans of expansion all over India with several dermatologist-run centres where the dermatologists are trained by me for a specific period of time, and where there are set protocols and standards of care so the client feels safe and satisfied. We are currently in the process of drawing up a plan and meeting investors, but the idea is to have these high-quality centres permeate every nook and corner of India.