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Steps to a sexy ponytail


Get the look by master trainer, , Global Creative Director, Wella  Professionals, as he enhances the sleek lines of the Spring/Summer 14 collection As celebrated its silver jubilee anniversary, one of the most innovative hairstylists, London-born , was called upon to create looks for a long roster.  Souleiman, as expected from an icon of his worth, infused the hairstyle with  sophisticated flair, a stylish classic look, much like the collection itself.

Notes Souleiman, To celebrate the anniversary, Donna created a big collection with many different segments, with a lot of models. So I wanted to create a look of uniformity that helped tie the many segments of the collection together. To me, DKNY is all about youthful and natural sophistication and the hair look needed to embody this.

How to get the look
To ensure the hair is in perfect condition, wash and condition it using Wella Paraprofessional Shampoo and Conditioner. Spray Perfect Setting Blow Dry Lotion through the hair and using a soft bristle brush, blow-dry the hair flat to the head. Use a straightening iron to create a smooth look. Create a low side parting and gently brush the hair flat to the head, spraying the hair with Stay Styled Finishing Spray. Now take a soft bristle brush and using Stay Brilliant Colour Protecting Lotion, pull the hair gently over to a low ponytail on the opposite side of the head, ensuring there are no fly-aways. Secure the hair into the low ponytail with an elastic, letting it come forward over the shoulder. Take a small pump of Mirror Polish and smoothe on to the palms of your hands, then take a soft brush and gently rub it across the palms to pick up the smallest amount of product, and then brush the ponytail section. The reflection oil gives a smooth, healthy looking finish to the hair.