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    Kores Introduces Save&Go In India


    has recently introduced Save&Go, a 360-degree mobile solution that enables complete content transfer and phone/tablet personalisation in India that allows mobile phone users to walk out working with their new phones from their nearest phone retailer. Save & Go safely and automatically transfers data from an old device to a new one in a zap, regardless of the differences of producer, model or operating system between the old and new device.

    Widely available in Europe, Save&Go will now be accessible available across mobile retail stores in India. Save & Go supports a large number of mobile phones and tablets and comes with easy to use software, which installs in minutes.

    Save & Go benefits mobile phone users by offering the following services through a retailer:

    • Transfer data from one phone to another
    • Backup data on a phone on to a pen drive
    • Restore the backed up data onto the same phone or another supported phone
    • Delete the contents of the phone
    • Print the contacts on the phone. Contacts can also be extracted on to a spreadsheet using this feature
    • Configure email accounts quickly and easily
    • Install applications (apps) onto the phone

    It is designated for use by carriers, vendors, and retailers, who wish to receive a quick return on investment and improve customer loyalty. Customers can avail of this complimentary service through Save&Go at E-Zone, Airtel, The Mobile Store and Digital across the country and walk out working with their new phones.