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Invista Launches Innovative Fabrics, Performance Fibers


In order to meet the demand of discerning apparel manufacturers, has been upgrading and innovating its range of fibers. Commonly known as the owners of Lycra, launched different variations of fabrics like Lycra dualFX, and thermolite that would enable the apparel industry to create clothing that will appeal the growing needs of global consumer.

, Commercial leader, Invista-South Asia said, “We at Invista constantly strive to provide our customers the latest and the best in fiber and fabric technology. Our innovations help take the industry forward by meeting evolving consumer needs and we are happy to offer them to our customers in India. Indian companies who have embraced our technologies have become more competitive globally and have seen newer opportunities created for them and their customers.”

According to the high performance fiber technologies and fabric innovations, Lycra dualFX offers super stretch facility to denim fabric that add extra comfortable fit to the wearer. This innovative technology involves weaving together Lycra fiber and Lycra T400 fiber with the main fabric to give the garment high stretch, high recovery and low shrinkage.

While, Coolmax is performance-based fabric that manages moisture system of the fabric. The system move perspiration away from the body through the fabric. As prespiration evaporates quickly through the fabric, it allows the wearer to fell cool and comfortable.

The lightweight and warmth of Thermolite fabric and insulation in core fibers has been developed to add appropriate levels of comfort without putting weight to the fabric.

Also, the heat-setting efficiency of fiber reduces heat exposure required to stabilise a fabric, thus allowing improved whiteness, brighter colours and softer hand fabrics. They can to applied to circular-knit and warp-knit fabrics for intimate apparel, where excellent fabric uniformity, whiteness and brightness are required. It can also be used by ready-to-wear woven fabrics, where fabric hand is required to check fabric shrinkage; and for fabrics that are moulded to give shape, for example, bra cups.

With its headquarter in the US, Invista operates in more than 20 countries and has about 10,000 employees. Lycra, Coolmax, Cordura, freshFX, Supplex, Tough MAX, Dual FX, Tactel and Thermolite are the trademarks of Invista.