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    Elvy Lifestyle: Bringing the Global Touch


    In a competitive market of Home Décor, Elvy Lifestyle has successfully made its mark in the finest cities of India. Entrepreneurs and visionaries Vandana and Lovy Khosla conceived and set up Elvy Lifestyle, a lifestyle Mail Order Catalogue company in March 2006. Its clients include international retail chains as well as the world’s leading catalogue marketing companies. In conversation with IMAGES Retail, Vandana Khosla Founder and Creative Director, Elvy Lifestyle spoke about the company’s journey and expansion plans.

    Company Brief

    Entrepreneurs Vandana and Lovy Khosla set up Elvy Lifestyle in March 2006 which today boasts of the finest luxury products in the arena of Home Décor.Elvy Lifestyle is backed by Stalwart Creations, a company which has been in the lifestyle business for more than 60 years and an exporter of premium handicrafts to countries around the world. Briefing about the company, Vandana said: “In 2006, something magical happened and we as a couple decided to conceive this platform which today boasts of the finest luxury products in the arena of Home Décor. As a premium Home Decor brand, ELVY has stores strategically located across the country. Elvy Lifestyle represents an opportunity to make shopping life a little easier, more fun and definitely more valuable. Now the market is where the customer is, and when the customer wants to shop, the choice becomes international. India is going through a lifestyle revolution.”

    The Footprint

    They have stores in Delhi, Gurgaon and Punjab at the moment. They plan to open a Store in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad very soon.

    The Market

    People have respect and reliability for the Indian lifestyle products. Indian aesthetic sense is influencing the global lifestyle. Indian look is in for the global lifestyle. The urban population in India is Savvy, educated & well-travelled. Convenience & time both are at premium.

    The Customers

    “We’re looking at people who want to enhance their lifestyle or want to have a better lifestyle. It does not matter from which background they come from. These products are for day to day use which would make life more organised and easy,” points Vandana.

    The Products

    According to the company Elvy’s product have been carefully hand-picked, researched and tested for uniquenessand value. These products have either been procured from various countries or have been created in special design centres in India and abroad. Vandana explains: “Products are priced from as low as Rs 495 to Rs 60,000. Products manufactured exclusively for the catalogue, or sourced directly from manufacturing facilities around the world are put together in an exciting format.Elvy’s product categories include Serving, Kitchen, Bar, Décor, Office, Games, Bath, Outdoor, Travel and Juniors. Elvy gives contemporary, exclusive and stylish options to set up a great home from showpieces, glittering accessories to artful servings. Elvy has also been known for its sensational festive collection, be it Diwali, Christmas or even Holi, so one can gift the most unique items from the world over.”

    The Categories

    Today, home décor and luxury market is about tailoring a space which reflects your personality, giving it your distinct stamp. Vandana said: “Our distinct and vast range, unparalleled customer service, unmatched quality and our undying vigor keeps on the top.”

    The Price

    Price range of Elvy starts from Rs.500 onwards and most popular products are:

    Elizabethan etagere stand, urban jars, urban vase, bar accessories. 

    The Location

    The company plans to open a Store in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad very soon.

    Marketing Strategy

    Talking about the company’s marketing strategy, Vandana said: “Everything that one needs to beat the competition around, obviously no black hat techniques. The range is huge but the most popular are the Serving and decor products. We also have a men’s section that’s quite popular. Supply chain and inventory management are the biggest challenges. Also demand forecasting is very hard in ever changing economy as the interests and trends are changing rapidly with communication and internet taking over.”