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“Drinking Water is the Best Thing for Your Skin” – Prachi Desai


Peaches and cream. Delicate lace and roses. Fresh dewdrops on a spring morning. Those epithets are likely to come to mind when you see Prachi Desai. Her natural beauty and radiant skin made her the first Indian face to endorse the globally renowned brand Neutrogena. Just like her natural beauty, her regime to maintain her good looks is also fuss-free. However, she does follow some basic beauty rules to stay radiant.

“Beautiful skin is a woman’s best feature”

For me, healthy skin translates to beautiful skin. Taking care of your skin, having a positive attitude, and sticking to a healthy diet go a long way in defining your appearance. I believe that the key to looking good lies within you. If you are happy in life and at peace with yourself, the glow is bound to show. I drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with honey. This is followed by a yoga session. Besides helping me kick-start my day, it does wonders for my skin.

Just as it is important to cleanse and moisturise your face, so is sun protection. Even if you are not stepping out in direct sunlight, you must always wear sunscreen. I never step out without my Neutrogena sunscreen. In the summer, you want to step out but the weather is so sticky that you wish you could put nothing on, and this sunscreen is just perfect. It does its job without feeling sticky and grimy. During summer, I stay away from cream blushes. The hot and humid weather makes everything so sticky that you would rather stay away from the creamy texture and keep it simple and fresh. I love a good facial mist and the Ferragamo’s Tuscan Soul is a favourite. It has a lovely, soothing fragrance. There are days when it is very hot and you just want to splash cold water on your face and in times like these, the facial mist works very well. You feel instantly hydrated and fresh. I cannot stress how important it is to hydrate. Either sip on cool water, cucumber juice or coconut water to keep yourself glowing and fresh. That is the best and the most natural beauty secret.

“I am forever heading to the kitchen for summer beauty rescues”

A favourite D.I.Y face pack to get rid of a nasty suntan simply comprises slathering on honey and keeping it on until it dries. A puree of cucumber peel is also great as a gentle exfoliator and cleanser. My skin is allergic to makeup, so I use an oxygen cream. I make sure that I use aloe vera and turmeric as the best ointment for any skin issues.

“I am petrified of dark circles”

Dark circles are a major issue with TV and film actors. It is largely a lifestyle issue but when I don’t get enough sleep, I wash my eyes with chilled rose water. My mother suggested that I apply raw potato paste around my eyes and let it stay while I nap for 10 minutes. And, believe me, it is miraculous!

“I wish I had more time to pamper myself”

I love hair massages, foot reflexology and indulgent body scrubs. A hot stone massage rids me of stress like nothing else! However, I literally have to steal time for these. I’m religious about my hair rituals at b:blunt.

“I swear by lip gloss and kohl”

No matter what the weather or occasion is, I usually never forget wearing my lip colour. It just adds that extra touch of gloss to brighten up a dull day, and makes me look bright without being over the top. My favourite is Lancôme’s Cherry Rock – I simply love this lip gloss because it has just the right tinge of red in it and the colour suits me the best. A kohl pencil is essential and I love the Crayon Kohl Eyeliner by Dior as it glides on like butter and it really complements my complexion.

“Fragrances are my secret indulgence”
I always try out new fragrances but one that keeps pulling me back is Gucci’s Envy Me. It is an all-time favourite!