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Formalwear Accessory Trends for Men & Women


Owing to the fact that majority of the population in cities are working in white collar jobs, for them, a formalwear or an urbanwear has become an absolute necessity. However, the tried and tested looks and the plain formalwear is not enough to bring out ones personality, thus adding a dash of fashion to everyday look is the need of every working Professional.

There is an old saying which goes like ‘what you wear is what you are’, however, rising costs prevents one from dipping into ones kitty and buying a new outfit every week. Thus, if one uses accessories with a little smartness one can create different looks with limited wardrobe. Based on this thought, generous amount of attention has been given to attires that make up the holistic personality of an individual. However, less importance is given to accessories which actually compliment the entire look and can hold a look together.

While there are a lot of options available for women, men have limited options where apparels are concerned. This is where accessories make a huge difference. One can create

different looks with chic and stylish belts, wallets, office bags and laptop bags and in fact one can have a new look every day.

has its presence in 61 cities across India with 28 exclusive outlets and has presence in 300 multi brand retail stores. At , when it comes to men accessories the brand keeps in mind the appeal of sports look updated with a relaxed take on city-ready sartorial dressing which is applied to all the accessories. The important points that needs to be considered while designing men’s collection are:

BELTS: How you carry yourself depends on what you wear and more importantly what you carry. An accessory enhances the beauty inside and outside. The belt is the new tie. The men’s formalwear is incomplete without belts. Every man’s wardrobe must have neutral colour belts like black, brown and dark blue as they can be interchanged and mixmatched in different looks.

WALLETS: Wallet remains an essential purchase which matches up with a list of very specific requirements. From the exact number of spaces for credit cards to the size of

a change purse or the correct dimensions to fi t into the pocket, the combination of  demands are endless. Unlike girls, men don’t change their wallets often. So durability and

functionality play a major role in the designs of wallets. Also the correct number of pockets is important so that they fit in all the cards. It should not look like a huge bump on your derrière. Invest in a good wallet that suite your requirements, style and personality.

OFFICE BAGS OR LAPTOP BAGS: These are used not only for your ipads or laptops or files but can also be a fashion statement. The simply-structured bags with focus on luxury materials have a chic business-wear feel to them. Trends right now are smooth leathers with matt finish or polished neutrality predominantly in colours like black, navy blue and inky darks which are the favourites of this season. Women generally don’t shop for accessories to match their clothes but they shop for clothes to match the accessories.

They have a lot of variety in terms of both clothes as well as accessories in comparison to men. The western formalwear for women this season is a look of confidence with personal quirky style statement. The essential accessories to complete women formal attire are:

HAND BAGS: For women a is a personal statement, self-expression, fashion accessory and status symbol all rolled into one. A lot of thought goes into pairing a particular bag with a dress. One has more chances of seeing a woman without make up in office but not without her . It is an inseparable part of women’s formal look. In terms of utility one should choose a bag that has enough space and enough pockets to hold all things with user friendly handles.

LAPTOP BAGS: Choose one that reflects a bit of your personality while making travelling with your mobile gear easier to cope with. Women should choose the right laptop bags based on their needs and not just on price or what other’s may have. A smart bag with the right amount of pockets and zippers will ensure one does not need to carry

another handbag. Choose one that has a comfortable handle that suits your ensemble as well as is easy on your back.

WALLETS: Women of all age group and profession love to own a wallet that compliments their formal attire. Usually women buy wallets on impulse. While functionality is a big deciding factor in the purchase of a wallet it doesn’t hurt to choose one that reflects a sense of style.

Formal accessories are not only for its utility purpose but also to make a style statement at your work place. At Baggit, we understand this need of every working professional and

thus try to create a versatile range of formal accessories collection which will add the ‘oomph’ factor to your look.