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Two-in-One Ovens by Josper Kitchen Equipment


Spain-based is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine, which works 100 percent with charcoal, and has a unique closed barbeque designed for grilling. It figures as a one-point solution for the demanding foodservice sector, and has been highly rated by steak houses, brasseries, tapas bars, bistro-cafes, restaurants, and haute cuisine restaurants in five-star hotels.

Josper ovens are ideal for all types of restaurants offering a la carte menus and set meals. The ovens enable working with the raw materials with minimum handling, while enhancing the food’s flavour and taste, reminiscent of ancient cooking techniques, when the firewood (charcoal) lent the food a special flavour, a perfect texture, and sufficient juiciness.

By combining the functions of an oven and grill, the user can work at high temperatures, sealing the product, smoking and grilling at the same time. The results are unique, and make the oven a piece of equipment unlike any other. It reduces cooking time by 60 percent, has vent closing systems, and the user can reduce the oxygen entry to increase efficiency. A patented cylinder reduces smoke emission, and  stops sparks from coming out. A filter cools the stove. It ensures that the natural flavours or moisture are retained, such that the grilled food is juicy, tender and full of flavour.

According to international safety measures, a food service operator cannot keep a grill in the kitchen, but Josper is a revolutionary product as it is a closed oven cum griller that is declared safe for indoor use.

The oven attracts a lot of customers, as many expats and globe trotters visit five-star restaurants simply to enjoy a Josper tender and juicy grilled meat. Such is its fame that restaurateurs claim that the oven can increase footfalls in any restaurant and catalyse return on investment within one year. The cost of a unit ranges between Rs 8 and18 lakh.

India is the sole importer in India. Says the company’s President, , “Initially, we had collaborated only with Claridges Hotel in New Delhi, with which we had an exclusive contract. But now we have six contracts in six different cities with various hotels across the country, and have signed up with both stand-alone restaurants and restaurants in star hotels.”

He informs that the oven is placed at the open-casual dining lounge at Sevilla in Claridges hotel for preparing Indian and international barbecue dishes such as roasted meats, curries, breads and desserts, plus, many dishes can be cooked at the same time.

As regards competition from local fabricators, Mittal maintains that it is next to impossible to replicate the model. Not even once in the past 44 years has Josper faced competition from any other oven manufacturing company. One of the main reason why the Josper oven has not been copied in all these years is because the company is constantly upgrading its technology. The oven can work for 8 to 16 hours non-stop at 350-400 degrees, and can run for decades. To manufacture something that is a combination of craftsmanship and technology requires extensive R&D; Josper uses high technology steel alloys (grade 304 steel, which is the purest form of steel), that  enables the oven cum grill to work continuously at high temperatures. Plus, its patented technology  would make it legally difficult for local fabricators to replicate it.

What ‘s more, the Josper oven does not require any after-sale service, and it does not work on electricity or gas. Spanish staff from Josper’s headquarters visit the hotel where the oven has to be installed, and they train the chef and technical staff about the oven, its maintenance and upkeep.

According to Mittal, the foodservice sector is growing fast, with people eating out a lot and exploring different world cuisines, products like Josper will become an asset to the industry.