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Sounia Gohil: In Love with Fiction


, a leading designer, who has ornamented the fashion industry by translating her phenomenal ideas and fancies into the desires of women. Salon India has a  tête-à-tête with this sassy designer.

What challenges you’ve faced while making a niche for yourself in the fashion industry?

As I haven’t studied fashion technically, which has allowed me to give it a different perspective. I, hence, tend to think of fashion in a very architectural context. The chase in this industry doesn’t get over, I have a long way to go.

What is the importance of hair and make-up in fashion?
Fashion shows are enthralling and creative way of highlighting the trending consortia persisting in the fashion industry. Fashion is not all about clothes. Accessories, Pre-look that also includes Hair and Make-up are equally important for the portrayal. On the ramp Everything has to look right, Everything has to look perfect!
What is the contribution of a designer in planning and creating the look of a model?
A designer’s vision is the look of the model. We just do not visualize the garment while designing but also the model wearing that particular garment and carrying it flawlessly. Hence the contribution of a designer in the look of a model is immense.
Who is your inspiration?
Inspiration comes to us from whatever we have surrounded our lives with. I love to travel, i have been a traveller all my life. Architectural designs have always amused me and you can see they have a strong influence in all my collections.
Which is the most outrageous look adapted by you?
I always choose to give a classic edge to my collections. They reflect a very romantic vision and have got a bold, confident, feminine and a fashionable look.
What is the missing elements in the fashion week? What are your suggestions for the same?
According to me the Drama is missing. The showcasing is incomplete without a little drama. It about balancing everything just right!
What is your suggestion for the look of the new year or a peek into SR’2014 lookbook?
Sheer Fabrics, Pastel colors, soothing shades, Clear Cuts rule this season. Neons are best avoided. They are not in anymore.
What are your future plans?

Looking forward to next fashion week is in the agenda, so stay tuned! I want to grow in this industry into something more solid, which would consistently allow me to produce the work I believe in.

This article is originally published in April issue’14 of Salon International magazine.