Less is more: Shruti Bajpai, Make-up Artist

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Shruti Bajpai is known for transforming brides with less make-up and fabulous hair updos. Salon India talks to this extraordinary make-up artist to know more about her.

Share with us your journey so far, about your early days and the struggle you went through to create a niche for yourself in the beauty industry. What are you working on at present?

I was 16. It was accidental but as it happened, I started loving it. I was chosen as the best student of the batch, which really motivated me to take make-up as a career. I owe a lot to Vidya Tikari, who made me realise that I have a bright future in the make-up industry!

Since then, the journey has been really exciting. I haven’t got the time to think a lot; everything has been off the hook but things went smooth! I have loved every bit of the journey, from travelling to different countries, meeting bizarre people, to choosing colours for a look, to writing plenty of articles on make-up!

I never had any plan of expansion or making it big in the beauty industry. When you are good at what you do, great things start happening on their own.

Currently, I am totally involved with bridal styling, concept-based shoots, writing for my blog lippernpepper, and preparing make-up videos.

Who is your inspiration?

Walt Disney! Though his life was like a roller-coaster ride but the journey made him a man of great valour. Despite the twists and turns that life has in store for you, Walt Disney inspires me to keep moving ahead.

Which make-up trend are you supporting presently? What is your take on ‘white is the new black for eye make-up’?

Metallic eyes and vivid pop of vivid colour on lips. For brides, I prefer smokey eyes with dewy finish on skin and juicy lips. While black adds depth to the eyes, white opens them up. Adding white creates the illusion of wide peepers and is a blessing for small eyes. So kudos to white!

Which was the most bizarre assignment of your career?

Well, I had a normal assignment turned into bizarre! It was quite an offbeat situation when I was setting up at a Fashion Week and suddenly realised that I had forgotten my make-up brushes. I had eight models in front of me to be decked up! I worked with no make-up brushes at all. All I had were my magical fingers (laughs)! From slathering kohl into the rim of eyes with ring finger (my granny’s trick at use), dabbing lipper on pout to smoothing up cream blusher on apples of cheeks, I savoured it all. And Voila, the models were ready to rock the show!

Share the high point of your life. Any particular event you were part of or any professional experience?

Each time a bride calls me up and says “Shruti, everybody loved the make-up; I share one of the best lifetime time memories with you,” it becomes the high point of my life! I am chosen as ‘One of the Best Bridal Stylists in India – Top 10’ by one of India’s largest beauty network. Each time I solve a make-up query of a bride or a lady in need, I feel it is the high point of my life.

I am glad to solve various queries put forward by brides of India being an expert bridal stylist at the popular wedding website Bollywoodshaadis.com.

What are your favourite cosmetics brands and why? Which is your favourite product or equipment, without which you feel helpless while creating an innovative look?

There’s a long list. Every brand has some or the other fantastic product. My favourite make-up brands are Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Laura Mercier, Chanel, M.A.C, Lancome TEMPTU and many more. Most of these brands have SPF and mineral oils in them plus you get a smooth and velvety finish on skin, which makes me adore them! For an ‘innovative’ look, I can’t do without my M.A.C make-up brushes. That sharp, edgy and quirky look cannot be achieved without various perfectly shaped make-up brushes.

What piece of advice would you like to give to the upcoming and not so popular make-up artists?

When you think you are done blending, blend a little more! Only your work will speak for you. So, focus on your work by reading make-up blogs, articles, watching make-up videos and following leading make-up trends. Practice and patience will get you going!

What role does a make-up artist play while creating a look? What precautions should one take?

Balancing. It is the most fundamental role to play. While make-up can add a pop to your look, the focus of a person viewing you should remain on the beauty of the entire look and not just one element of it.

Makeup is to adore the entire look sculpting the face and enhancing the best features of the face at the same time.
The correct application of make-up can add bling to the simplest outfit, while an inappropriate application can cause disaster to the prettiest of outfits.

Name one celebrity or renowned personality you would like to style one day.

Lady Gaga carries bold and dramatic make-up with oomph and is open to experiments, so I would love to brush her on!

What are your future plans?

I am keen on having my own line of make-up brushes.

This article is originally published in April issue’14 of Salon International magazine.

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