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Aromatherapy Balances Physical, Emotional & Mental Wellbeing: Divita Kanoria


Divita Kanoria, CEO of The Vedic Collection is not trying to make her brand stand apart in the crowd but she endeavours to provide a pure wellness solution to the people at large where all products are produced from reliable sources. We speak to Kanoria about her brand and journey so far.

In today’s time cosmetology and dermatology have found solutions for almost every beauty issue, where do you see natural skin care industry?

Wellness industry offers non-invasive solutions to treat skin issues, whereas cosmetology corrects the imperfections. For say, wellness treatments help one to prevent wrinkles and what is the right age to begin the anti-aging treatment.

On the contrary, science is a great thing and for quick and easy results people are following the commercial farming. Such treatments use pesticides and chemicals that are harmful for the health and organic produce. But a few those are enlightened have realized the short term and long term harmful effects of chemicals and additives on our skin.

How do you see Indian wellness and beauty industry globally?

It is growing by leaps and bounds and I see it growing by 20 to 25 percent in the next three to five years. However, Indian wellness industry is not advanced globally and faces many challenges. In India we don’t get trained professionals and staff. The industry offers great job opportunities and people keep changing frequently. It affects the stability of the staff.

Another challenge is that we don’t any accreditation for spas, salons and brands. Everyday, there are new brands coming but we don’t have any accreditation system. Also, we don’t have focused monitoring system.

If we see the opportunities then the concept of wellness is not just limited to urban cities, in fact tier II and III cities has a lot of demand. People have disposable income and wellness and health care concepts are welcomed.

How would you describe The Vedic Collection?

The Vedic Collection is a brand that provides an honest solution to people who are looking for purity and credibility in their quest for natural and organic products.

What made you to launch nature inspired lifestyle brand?

This was the result of a very personal episode in my own life when I found tremendous  satisfaction in Aromatherapy. I realized that most of the products available in the market were lacking purity that was required for a successful Aromatherapy intervention and I decided to fill this vacuum. I wanted to share my feeling and emotions with people that aromatherapy not only rejuvenate one but also cure the wellness issues, hence, Tatha was conceptualised.

The Vedic Collection has grown from there to becoming a one stop marketplace for wellness lovers.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy treatments and why spa owners should include them in the spa menu?

Aromatherapy treatments offer holistic bliss including emotional, physical and mental rejuvenation. Here essential oils are mixed in base oil that travel through the brain and olfactory system and affects the central system. This further cures the problems like stress, pain, anxiety and brings back space in life. So, its important to give your clients an experience than treatment.

Different oils have their own benefits. For instance, geranium is good for dry skin, levander is known as de-stress oil, sandalwood is men’s oil and jasmine is heavenly oil for women.

Tell us about the format of the Tatha Spa.

Tatha is a hotel spa that is present in Clarens Hotel, Gurgaon and Hotel Hindustan International, Kolkata. Also, it is 100 percent natural and a niche product providing and personal care solution label based on the promise of purity.

What made you come up with the format of hotel spa? 

This format is also known as community and club spa and it has wider reach than stand alone spas. Hotels always have an in-house spa for their clients. They also promote the ‘green theme’. So, I thought that it will be a good idea to connect with the hotels.

Moreover, at this stage it is difficult for me to manage the tedious process of stand alone spas. It demands time and efforts. However, it is my dream to have Tatha as a stand alone spa. The thought is in my mind and in couple of years I will have concrete plans for the same.

We know that Tatha has different spa treatments at different locations. How did you conceptualise the spa menu and treatments?

I have tried to incorporate local ingredients of that place in various treatments. For instance, Kolkata is fond of betel leaf and spices, and I have tried to include these ingredients in the treatment.

On the other side, Tatha Spa in the Clerens Hotel, Delhi is often visited by international guests, hence the spa menu has treatments with indigenous ingredients and international standards. For say, we use jasmine and rose oils for massages with traditional massage strokes.

What are the two things that every spa owner should keep in mind while finalising the spa menu?

I believe that the spa menu should be designed considering people’s lifestyle. Across the globe people have different way of living. Also, the menu should not be too elaborate as it will confuse the clients.

What all points a marketing plan should have to make a spa success?

One should begin with in-depth research and decide how you want to position your brand. Accordingly finalise everything, from decor and interiors to spa menu, ambience and more. Educate people about your brand and create awareness. Be consistent in arena of services and hospitality and try to maintain high standards of quality.

Tell us about an effective promotional strategies?

Cross sell spa with different brand and products such as F&B, hotel, fitness centre. But always keep in mind that spa should speak for itself.

Give advice to the new entrants in the beauty and wellness industry.

Know your product as you are dealing with something very personal to most people. Also, stay true to your values.