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The Importance of Being Human


Self promoted by Salman Khan, Being Human Clothing does not need any introduction, Kunal Mehta, VP – Marketing and Business Development, Being Human speaks eloquently on the brand’s vision, new avenues in the fashion retail industry and his observation of the global fashion world.
The apparel retail sector has witnessed many changes in the past few years and it is overwhelming to see it growing at such a fast pace in a short span of time. Every day, there are new opportunities to look forward to and exciting innovations happening in the market. To survive in this extremely competitive market, one needs to be a step forward.

The motivation behind the launch of Being Human clothing has been the brand itself. Being Human is a brand that combines fashion with a cause. It urges consumers to contribute to the well-being of society, though indirectly. Also, Salman Khan, a name that needs no introduction, has been one of the major motivation factors.

The brand has a two-fold vision: one, to contribute largely to Being Human Foundation and two, to provide an international fashion clothing line to people. Our target audience is someone who understands fashion and is a humanitarian. We have a direct contribution route with Being Human Foundation, where we donate for their twin cause of healthcare and education. The brand also been working towards increasing our touch-points through EBOs and MBOs. Standing at 21 EBOs and 84 SIS in FY 12–13, it plans to grow the reach to 60 EBOs and 175 SIS across India by March 2015.
With the introduction of an array of international brands, the mall culture, and online retail gaining importance, fashion retail in India is at its peak. There are great opportunities, healthy competition and constant innovations happening in the market.

Moreover, tier-II and -III cities are fast gaining retailers’ attention and a number of brands are setting up stores here. Realising this potential, we are also opening our EBOs in these cities. E-retail is also doing great and helping established as well as new brands to reach the right target audience in deeper pockets of this diversified country.

Talking of trends for Spring-Summer 2014, tribal story (ikat, jacquards, indigenous fabrics from around the world, etc) will be one of the key trends of the season and will remain so for a long time. Colour combinations like black and white, blue and white, etc will continue to dominate. Pastels, fresh, mint green, powder blue, strawberry pink, and papaya orange are the colours that will rule.

Overview of fashion industry:

Androgynous: This trend is quite interesting. Basically, it refers to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics in clothing line and makeup.

People prefer sticking to their individuality. Infusing their individual style into the ongoing trends is quite interesting. Also, cult fashion is becoming mainstream.

Hybrid Trend: It is interesting to see how different trends are put together to create a new look. For instance, animal prints in neon colours, tribal prints on leather jackets, nautical skirts with granny floral printed tops, and turbans in bandana from the 40s.
Innovation: Every brand, designer, etc is looking at innovating new styles, silhouettes, colours, etc. People are constantly working towards finding out things, which have not been used before. Trends remain for a while and every time there is a twist added to the trends. Even unconventional and not so beautiful things are used and are receiving acceptance from the consumers.

Old is New: People are exploring their granny’s closet and are carrying forward the look as the current trend. Probably, this is the first time we are seeing a blend of trends from all the past decades.

Innerwear Becoming Outerwear: These days, pajamas are being worn on the streets, boardrooms, in shopping malls, and at the movies. Slip dresses are also becoming a massive trend.

Fast Fashion: Earlier, we had spring/summer and fall/winter collection but now, apart from these two seasons, we also have resortwear, pre-fall, spring, etc. Consumers want to see something new every time they visit a store. We at Being Human also infuse new styles every two months.
Customer is the King: Everything these days is done keeping in mind the customer.

Being Human follows a very professional process in trend forecasting. First, the team of designers forecast the trends, create mood boards, colour cards, et cetrea. Then, the team discuss these with Salman Khan, take his inputs, and recreate the collection. One of the most important parameter the follow is that the collection should be clear with the brand message – to spread joy.

Keeping in mind the current scenario in the fashion retail industry, the brand thinks increasing the number of stores and attempting constant product development while sticking to the brand’s ideology will be the key driving forces for success.