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The V Renaissance Introduces Bespoke Pocket Squares and Scarves


Vipul Amar, Cinematic Photographer and Founder of The V Renaissance, has recently introduced a collection of Bespoke Pocket Squares and Scarves. The collection is a unique blend of art and fashion made with 100 percent silk. Amar describes “We custom design each piece for our patrons with photographs reflecting their personality, loved ones or memories.”

Through this collection, Amar has made art wearable. His travel experiences inspired him to come up with the colletion. He shares: “I have been travelling for work from a young age, and I always used to carry photographs of my loved ones. The thought of having precious memories with you all the time inspired me to blend photographs with fashion accessories and apparel. This makes you to have the special memories close to the heart even when you are at a business trip.”
The collection boasts creation of photographs over time in vibrant colours like bright orange, intense red, et cetera. The pocket square are made of silk twill and scarves and cravats are designed in 100 percent silk.
The V Renaissance is a art and luxury brand by Artist Vipul Amar and Psychologist Harsheen K. Arora that offers a range of products such as photographic art on canvas and wallpapers, silk couture, apparel, furniture and leather accessories.