Welcome to IFF 2014!

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Dear Partners-in-Progress, Partners in the service-of-Business of Fashion;

Welcome to IFF 2014!

IFF today is a Milestone in the journey that began way back in the year 2000. It is a date to remember. It was on this day in the year 2000 that we pledged to come together and share our common vision to contribute for a cause; the cause of taking the business of fashion forward.

With sharing and pooling of vision and inter-acting on the common IFF platform, the Business of Fashion stands way ahead than what it was a decade and a half ago. And it is poised to take many a leap forward. All thanks to numerous stake-holders now and all these past years that the Business of Fashion has created a niche for itself and achieved great heights. And it could not have been possible without all of the business of fashion fraternity thinking and working together. It speaks volumes for the way, one and all, who had any stake in the business of fashion in any nook and corner of India, far and wide, responded to the call to come and retrospect under the IFF banner.

And so we salute each one of you for gracing this august moment here today in being seen and being counted. Your efforts and every step in the cause of business of fashion contributes to the common cause of our national economy and to the world fashion fraternity as a whole, be it howsoever miniscule. Yes, a contribution is never too small. In the world full of competition, if a footballer, you score a goal and the nation applauds you. If a cricketer, you score a run, clean-bowl an opponent or take a magnificent catch like that historic last ball catch in the World 20-20 event and the Nation feels proud of you. Here at IFF, sometimes you share a thought that helps take the fashion industry forward and you make an impact on the National economy, for sure, howsoever small. You do your duty towards your country! Its never measured down. It’s never too small!!

We feel humbled as we greet you, our esteemed dignitaries in helping to make a dream turn into a reality! An idea to take shape!! A vision to fructify!!! With your august presence at the IFF today, on this bandwagon of trust, of walking hand-in-hand towards giving a push to fashion retailing, you have made us feel proud. And you have made your self worthy of the same too.

IFF has been fortunate to have the who’s who of the Business of Fashion sharing their visions and relevance of IFF in achieving bigger goals for the industry. Late Mr. Arvind Lalbhai talked about engagement of young minds, Mr. YC Deveshwar talked about fashion for masses and classes, Mr. Nikhil Meswani talked about converting Fabrics into Fashion trends of tomorrow, Mr. Gautam Singhania talked about convergence of vibrant thoughts from different regions. Mr. Kishore Biyani talked about making bold commitments with conviction and Mr. BS Nagesh talked about recognizing excellence.

Ms Simone Tata, at one of the earliest events gave a call for investments in technology, quality control and training as the required focus areas for the industry. Many other names of the earlier congregations are always fresh in mind. There sharing of visions has been the hall mark of IFF. Their collective wisdom has taken the business of fashion forward to where it is today. And it continues. The IFF today talks of ‘Building the Service Hall Mark at the Last Mile’. It pronounces the need for ‘Servicing Fashion in Style’. It discusses issues of concern such as ‘Front End Sales & Customer Servicing’ and all that each one of you would want to share and participate in. The IFF is a store-house of ‘Knowledge Sessions’ as you would all want it to be. It is your platform to brainstorm on how to forecast, create and transform the business and how to increase the appetite for fashion consumption and solutions.

And we here at the IMAGES GROUP salute you even as it may be the first ever time that you are here. We salute all those visionaries who were there like you many many years back and came together and joined in this common cause. We salute all our sponsors, promoters, exhibitors, delegates, visitors and well-wishers of the business of fashion. You are with us and we are with you! We know together we can and we will achieve higher and higher!

The journey continues. “Woods are lovely dark & deep”, as the poet said, “And we have miles to go before we sleep……” And our best wishes for a truly rewarding New Year ahead. All the best!

– Amitabh Taneja, Chief Convenor

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