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IFF 2014 to Discuss Macro & Micro Aspects of Fashion Retail Industry


Fashion philosophy to design, ideation, product sourcing and fashion line production, the second session on the day one of the 2014 (IFF) will discuss the various stages of creating fashion as an experience. Divided into three informative segments, the session will have international experts and expert engagement facilitators to share their views and opinion, , Technical Solutions Expert, LECTRA, and Dr. Naresh Tyagi, Head– Product Development & Quality Assurance, to name a few.

The first segment is dedicated to the idea of fashion creation and how it combines colours, trends, ambience, look and feel, state of mind, moods, influence, aspiration, and phenomenon. This workshop will make you trace the inspiration, tools and techniques, and master the art of creating fashion.

First part of the second session begins with the fashion philosophy, for a few fashion is passion and for others its a peek into the personality. However, fashion can be defined as an individual statement of expression for everyone.

Further, the event discusses the term of fashion design that is influenced by cultural and social latitudes, and has varied over time and place. The workshop will have iconic designers and fashion gurus who will share their philosophy of creating fashion, how they transform an idea from the mind to the drawing board, and finally into the finished ensemble which sets the trend.

Production Sourcing, getting the right materials from the right source for apparel manufacturing is the next big topic to be discussed during the event. Purchasing the right fabric, ingredients and embellishments is a challenging task for the manufacturers as it’s cost can contribute between 50 and 65 percent out of the total cost of manufacturing a garment piece. The experts will share the tricks of sourcing merchandise like fabric, dyes, buttons, zippers, embellishments, et cetera.

The session will be concluded with a segment on fashion line production. It is one of the most important and crucial final stage in producing the perfect finish and style.