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Dancing Turkeys Forays in the Indian Meat Market


Premium turkey and turkey meat products brand Dancing Turkeys has recently forayed into the Indian market by launching its turkey products in the country. According to the company officials, turkey meat is one of the largest consumed nutritious meats in America, EU, and the EMEA regions. However, due to various reasons like size, taste, availability and demand, the meat did not really gain traction in the Indian market.

(), Owner of the Dancing Turkeys brand, is a farmstead focussed on providing nutritional food to the Indian masses. While Dancing Turkey is currently focussing on Turkey Meat, soon plans to launch new categories that have not been launched in India so far.

Sharing his vision on transforming the brand into a food processing company, – Managing Director and CEO, Dancing Turkeys, said: “With a distinct change in the lifestyle of Indian consumers, there is a huge surge in nutritional demand of foods, and Dancing Turkeys fills this gap perfectly here. We are planning to make Dancing Turkeys as, one of the strongest brands in its category outside the United States. Turkey consumption today makes it a festive food, but we would like to change that perception, and make it as much a staple diet as possible. We believe that Dancing Turkeys shall bring about healthier citizens, which in turn shall build a healthier India. Our intention is to usher a small change in the eating habits, and drop the misnomer that non vegetarian diet is bad for health.”

Mathur further added: “To keep up with the vision of being the best, we have stitched supply chains to become robust and flexible, yet conforming to benchmarked systems and processes in India.”

Dancing Turkeys claims to have tied up with leading chefs to create turkey recipes for the Indian masses, largely to enable trials and garner interest. Seeing a huge potential in the Indian market with nutritional organic food consumption growing at approximately 20 percent each year, DTFS plans to invest close to 20 million USD in building the infrastructure and take a dominant role in the Indian marketplace. It is also planning to cater to the mid-East and African markets and targeting to achieve a turnover of 200 crore in the next couple of years. In the next few months, the company plans to focus on addressing the needs of the 117.7 billion USD Hotel and Tourism industry along with other sectors like healthcare, institutional, fine dining, QSR, and retail.