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A Syrupy Story


Founded in 1912, Monin is believed to be a pioneer in flavoured syrups, mixers and concentrates in the Horeca industry, globally. Over the generations, brand has become ubiquitous with its wide range of offerings.  Olivier Monin, President, Monin, talks to Juhi Sharma about the brand’s Indian journey.

Tell us about your journey in India?

We entered Indian market in 2003 in association with our Delhi-based marketing and distribution company, Saksham Impex. At that the market was not as evolved as it today. Customers were not as open towards our product but Saksham’s efforts and quality and taste driven approach helped brand gain popularity in a small span of time. At that time we were supplying our syrups range only to the five star hotels and high-end restaurants.

Now over the years, our product is being used at most of the restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and hotels. We are also supplying our syrups to the high-end gourmet food stores.

How did you tie-up with Saksham Impex?

We met Saksham’s team at one of the trade events and liked their business philosophies and approach. We were at that time looking out for Indian distribution partners, who were aware about the brand and syrups and were open to the challenge of making it a popular name in the country. We wanted some one who could offer dedicated services and focus to our brand. Initially, Saksham has been dedicated to exclusively Monin and much later added new products to their portfolio.

We were looking for some one as dedicated and passionate as Saksham.

How important is Indian market for your brand?

India is growing market and very important for us. On a rating scale, India ranks as the third important market for us, following Germany on the second position and USA at the first.

How does Monin support its clients with usage of syrups?

With over 100 flavours, Monin supports its customers with recipes, point of sale merchandising materials and customised drink development to help them translate Monin flavours into profitable sales.

For the purpose of beverage development, ideation and training clients’ staff, we have Le Monin Studio, which is a B2B space meant for engaging with and hosting customers. Worldwide, we have 22 studios and most recently we have launched a studio in London. These Monin studios provide us with the band width to innovate and experiment for clients in every manner. We assist our clients with 360 degree solutions.

Please share your sales break-up from Horeca and retail.

Horeca is our TG segment and we are supplying to retail because we want to reach the niche consumer segment who prepare beverages at home. Horeca generates around 95 percent of our sales revenue and remaining comes form retail.

Which is your largest selling flavour(s) in India?

Our product portfolio offers, syrups, tea concentrates and mixers. Mojito is the most popular mixer flavour, followed by green apple, and hazelnut coffee syrup. In tea concentrates, peach and lemon are the largest selling.

Please share your future plans for the brand.

In terms of new flavour launch, we will be launching new flavours in the market by March next year. We will work on expanding our distribution network. We have recently forayed into the Bangladesh market and will work on strengthening our position in the new market.