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Innisfree Brings First Green Tea Skin Care Range in India


South Korean beauty brand has recently introduced the Green Tea Skin Care range in India. Launched by AMORE PACIFIC in 2000, claims to be the first South Korean beauty brand to open a retail store in the country and aims to compete with natural beauty brands like Lush and . Mini Sood Banerjee, Brand Manager, India shares details about the collection and the brand.
You have recently launched green tea based skin care collection. What inspired you to introduce green tea as a skin care agent?

Green tea is emerging as a rage in India as people are now aware about its various health as well as skin benefits. It contains antioxidant that corrects imperfections of skin, for say, it reduces wrinkles and hydrates skin better than water.

What is the USP of this collection?

The green tea collection is especially designed to deep nourish and hydrate the skin. We have introduced innovative skin care products, such as, green tea seed oil that has 151 green tea seeds in one bottle. Green tea sleeping pack is also an innovative facial that one can apply overnight.

After marking the presence in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China what inspired you to open a retail store in India?

India is the fastest growing FMCG industry dominated by MNCs in which beauty segment plays a major role. Moreover, the country is widening its perspective of latest beauty concepts and trends, hence, it is important to make best of the global brands available for the Indian consumer.

Globally, Asian and European beauty industries are way ahead than the Indian market. This is because Asian and European consumers follow in depth beauty regime than Indian consumers. However, Indian market is continuously growing and there is a lot of scope for growth and development. For instance, today Indian consumer is aware about skin care agents like green tea and olive oil which were not so popular earlier.

How would you position the brand in the Indian market?

We want to position Innisfree as a natural and environment-friendly beauty brand. The brand sources ingredients for all Innisfree products from the volcanic island Jeju situated in Southern Korea. The parent company, AMORE PACIFIC owns green tea farms and R&D lab at the island. Innisfree has its manufacturing unit South Korea.

Who is your target audience?

We are targeting 18 to 55 years of men and women.

What will be your to promote Innisfree in India?

We have been organising events and activities with consumers to understand their need. The brand launched its first retail sore in Delhi at Khan Market this October, so far we have done two in-house events, and there are more in the pipeline. We are also trying to have strong presence on social media platform as it is beneficial to communicate with brand’s target audience.

Please share your expansion plans.

It is too early to mention number as we are in the initial phase. We are majorly planning to have stores in metropolitan cities starting with Delhi, NCR. Apart from standalone stores, we are also considering outlets in malls.