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Winterhalter India, headquartered in New Delhi, is a 100 percent subsidiary of Winterhalter Gastronom, Germany, a leading professional dishwasher company that forayed into the Indian market in 2007. Managing Director Sanjeevak Marwaha shares plans for expanding the company ‘s presence with Juhi Sharma.

What are Winterhalter’s manufacturing facilities and its range of commercial dishwashing machines?

Winterhalter’s manufacturing facilities are in Meckenbeuren and Endingen in Germany, Ruthi in Switzerland, and a sister concern’s manufacturing facility in Hixon, UK. Our range includes under counter series, pass through series, single tank and  multi-tank rack conveyor machines, and multi-tank flight type machines. In India, we keep a ready stock of under counter, pass through and single tank rack conveyor dishwashing machines, but bigger machines are customised and imported as per the customer’s requirement. Our largest selling machines in terms of number of units are the pass through machines and the glass washers. Besides the dishwashers, we offer water treatment units, accessories and chemicals for dishwashing.

What are customers’ usual parameters for selecting a dishwasher?

Important factors are capacity of the machine required, which is based on the quantity and type of dishes to be washed such as, glasses, cutlery or utensils. Another is the time/duration in which the entire cleaning process has to be completed. Availability of space is another consideration. In India, the budget of the customer is a major influencing factor.

What are the technological advancements in Winterhalter machines?

I will list out the following:

a. VarioPower: Washing pressure is a key factor in ensuring hygienically clean dishes. Winterhalter has designed Washarm, wherein by selecting the corresponding programme, VarioPower automatically adjusts the washing pressure to the type of dishes and to the degree of soiling to deliver a polished result with minimum wear to the dishes.

b. Full-flow filtration: Due to this, 100 percent of the washing water runs through a finely meshed filter cylinder that results in continuous clean washing water, and delivers optimal cleaning results along with reduced water and energy consumption.

c. Energy Plus: Since energy conservation plays a significant role in warewashing technology, our dishwashers can optionally be equipped with a large waste water heat exchanger and an additional exhaust air heat exchanger. These Energy Plus models then use the energy from waste water and the exhaust air for the two-step heating of the cold water supply. This results in reduction of operating cost by up to 20 percent per wash cycle.

What certifications have been awarded to Winterhalter products?

We ensure safety and hygiene standards and measures as per the regulatory norms. We import every single unit from Germany, Switzerland and UK. Since all our products are certified as per European Standards, we do not undertake any other certification and testing of machines in India. Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH was awarded certification for quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems, and is amongst the first to get such a comprehensive certification.

What service and maintenance are offered by Winterhalter India?

The running cost of the machines over their life span is now considered an important criteria during finalisation of products. Our equipments address these concerns as all the products are designed with a clear focus on delivering hygienically clean dishes, cutlery and utensils. We offer both comprehensive and labour-only maintenance contracts to our customers. Winterhalter India has developed its own service team, besides which, we have service partners across India who provide quick and efficient service to our installed base (customers using our equipments).

Please name some of your clients, and sales revenue break-up from different segments.

Our food service clients are present across all formats from star hotels to standalones and chains. These include Taj Hotels, Oberoi Hotels, ITC, Marriott, Radisson, Hilton, The Leela Group, Sterling Resorts, , , Club Mahindra Resorts and many more. Our corporate clients include companies such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys, India, Google India and . Our customers running Industrial and Hospital Canteens include the , Ford India, , Apollo, Fortis, Titan, Bank of America, amongst others. In the public sector and institutes we are catering to BEL, ISRO, Birla Vidya Mandir, , Unison World School, SRM Institutes, etc.

Hotels and restaurants contribute 50 percent to our sales revenue, and the other 50 percent comes from the corporate sector and industrial canteens. Based on the capacity of the restaurant or canteen, the average investment for installing Winterhalter dishwashers along with the associated accessories would vary between Rs 2,00,000 and10,00,000.

Which is Winterhalter India’s best performing region, and how are products marketed?

Presently, we have a set-up in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, and sales and service partners across India. Since we started our operations from Delhi, North India remains our best performing region, contributing approximately 40 percent of our revenue. Western and Southern regions are also growing fast and jointly contribute around 50 percent to our revenue. As per market information and on the conservative side, our market share is around 23 to 25 percent.

We participate in exhibitions and trade shows, and advertise in trade magazines to maximise visibility and reach. We believe in personally connecting with prospect clients as well as our existing customers as an important marketing activity. We interact regularly with kitchen consultants, planners, and executive chefs through presentations and catalogues to update them on our latest offerings.

What are your future plans?

In August this year, we launched our new series of pass-through (PT) dishwashers, which are better, faster, and more efficient. This series with new features is the successor to our GS 500 series; it will take dish washing to a new level of efficiency. We have also introduced a new series of machine Model P50 that has been especially designed for the price sensitive Indian market.