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    Luxury Solutions for Retail without the Hassle


    While manufactured products are moving towards a more convenient, state-of-the art look and feel, the retail industry is not far behind. A new concept of the portable luxurious retail outlet, which provides an entire consumer experience, is set to be the next benchmark for the Indian retail industry.

    With marketing strategies in India also following the trend of the customer being king, it is important to cater to new age consumers who shop with their eyes. The experience of shopping for things, should indeed be as exciting as actually purchasing and owning the product. This is what sets a brand apart from the many competitors flooding the market. It will come as a small surprise then that the vast array of options and possibilities available through high class portable retail kiosks are about to give “going shopping” a whole new meaning.

    Indian retail industry has many different types of portable kiosks for your display and merchandising needs. Each store and display option tries to outdo each other in creativity and attractiveness. However, there is a set up and dismantling cost and time and gives a look and feel of a temporary structure. Due to wear and tear there is also limited reusability, this means that each kiosk at a different location is a new expense for the brand.

    The ones that are reusable or semi permanent such as the roadside food stalls for fast food are often old and dirty and are difficult to maintain. This makes it an unattractive and unhygienic option for the discerning consumer. However, with the type of materials available in India today, your kiosk can give you the look and feel of a luxury hotel. This enables the customer to feel at home and have an excellent customer experience. The whole experience of shopping or dining gets elevated from one of merely function to that of indulgence.

    Internationally, mobile food vans, garage/garden offices or shops, and branded kiosks in the centre of atrium spaces in large malls are a common sight. Shop-in-shop stores are also becoming very popular. The concept is where a brand owner or retailer takes up space in another retailers store and fits it out. This could be in addition to the standalone store he occupies. The benefits include shared costs, shared marketing and demand generation, and speed to market. There are many different and unique ways these stores can be fitted out.

    Also at airports, shop-in-shop type displays make better use of marketable space and gives passengers something to do while they wait to board. Not to mention that in this way brands can reach out to a much larger audience, with travel becoming more and more frequent as a direct effect of globalization.

    Highend display booths for luxury products are now an option in India.For ex; with full glass paneling option, luxury cars, such as Audi or Porsche can be put on display, within an inpod portable kiosk.  Similarly you can take the display unit on a road show maintaining the same standard wherever you would like to display the product.

    Inpods have an advantage over other shop in shops or kiosks as they are extremely strong and lightweight. They are low maintenance and last over 50 years. They cover large areas and look great for outdoor use.They also come fully equipped as per retailer’s specifications. Since they are easily portable, the reusability is far greater than normal kiosks.

    The unique concept of inpod lets you have multiple uses of your kiosk because it is easily transportable, lightweight and looks good.State of the art kitchen equipment makes it an exclusive& hygienic proposition for coffee shop/bakery and confectionery goods stores etc.Your coffee shop kiosk by inpod can be ready to use in any area for promotional activities at a short notice and still look good and showcase your brand in the best possible way. Parisian style sidewalk cafes in India without having to worry about the dust and grime from the road may not be such a distant dream after all.

    Sleep pods are the new trends in offices, airports and other busy areas to allow the individual to catch up on their sleep. Currently sleep pods are also being used at Abu Dhabi airport where transit passengers are being provided the option of a chance to catch some rest in these sleeping pods.

    Similarly with the versatility of inpods, they can be used to build a space conscious, luxurious pod at the airport. Travellers can take a nap or a shower comfortably and then catch their flights. The inpods will allow you to recharge your batteries before a long flight.

    If you have an experiential product you now have the option to house them in a store that aligns to your companies brand image. The consumer has the opportunity to experience them in a luxurious setting with the ability to customize the interiors and maintain the security and standard of the items on display. How about high end jewelry store where the customer can come in and sit down and try on your products? This would be a pop up shop that can come up anywhere, even in the middle of a busy street!

    Even beachfront areas can now be used as effective spaces for displays or exhibitions of products and brands. Installed quickly, the inpod booths can be assembled in place for the duration of the exhibition and put away for the rest of the time. This would revolutionize outdoor exhibitions with comfortable structures for visitors to lounge around and experience the products in open areas, while enjoying the beautiful view. The pods would not only serve the purpose of exhibiting the wares but also look great on the city’s many shoreline promenades, giving it a completely modern, new age and international look.

    Similar set ups can also be made inside warehouse spaces and large exhibition centres instead of wasting material and money each time on constructing temporary stall spaces.

    It is only a matter of time before marketing and event agencies as well as Government infrastructure and planning departments see the many benefits and multiple uses of high end portable retail spaces. So, watch out for an ‘in store’ coming to an area near you.

    About the Author:

    is an architect trained from Architectural Association, London and an MBA from Cranfield University, he is the founder of  inpod, the world’s first fully composite monolithic modular building system.