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Jenjum Gadi: Imaginations are My Muse


Fashion designer Jenjum Gadi’s limited interest in college and visits to fashion schools in the capital led him to take up designing as a career. Gadi interned at and has also worked with the enfant terrible of the Indian fashion design industry, . The designer shares his views that how he incorporate make-up and hair styling concepts to his collections.

What are your thoughts on hair and beauty industry of India?

The hair and beauty industry is really growing in India. It is not only providing lots of job opportunities but also giving a chance to new talent to shine by making them independent and earn a decent amount of money. The Ayurvedic part of beauty is doing great.

What is the relevance of hair and beauty in the fashion industry?

Hair and beauty play an important role in the fashion industry as through your collection you are expressing your thoughts.

How do you incorporate beauty and hair styles in your various collections?

It changes every season, like for the last season, I created easy summer day looks. I kept hair middle part with some hair falling out. Natural low bun with lots of movement in hair were also there in my collections. For make-up I chose clean face with nude lips.

Who do you muse for inspirations?

I don’t muse any particular person. I feel my imagination is my muse which always guides me to creat new concepts every time.

What are your favourite make-up and hair products?

I personally don’t use make-up but I use lots of hair products. My favourite is Kama products as they are pure, natural and work wonders.

What are the trends that you have witnessed in the past few years?

I see a lot of buzz cut for both men and women. It’s fun and funky.

What are your future plans? Any plans to be more involved in the cosmetic and hair industry of India?

The plan is to expand my business. And, yes I do want to venture into the beauty business. Someone recently complimented me and said that I’m very good with colours and should start some make-up products. Perhaps, I will some day.

Who are your favourite make-up and hair artists?

I don’t have any particular favourite. However, according to my fashion week experience, M.A.C team is quite good and efficient.