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Marcus Francis: Equestrian Inspiration


From the shows at to a celebrity photo shoot in Los Angeles, Marcus Francis is showing his wide range of creating beautiful hair across the world. Salon India unfolds the success mantra of the stylist and his future plans.

What has been the biggest break of your career?

The biggest break in my career, if I were to name one, has been the opportunity to shoot Carrie Washington for a really popular fashion magazine 2 years ago.

What is your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from a lot of different things. Some of which are travel, music festival and looking through old photography from 40’s – 70’s etc. Looking through references and making it look more modern.

How has the journey so far?

My journey has been very exciting, but it also has been a lot of work. It’s been more than just about doing good hair; it’s been about adapting to other peoples personalities, dealing with jet lags, tucking away your private life, personal things and putting on a good game face. It’s a real test of how much you want and how much you want to work hard for it.

What challenges did you face while building your career? How did you overcome that?

Adjusting to the time zone is the most challenging part I feel.

What is your USP?

My signature style I would say is very effortless and beautiful in an achievable way.

What are the latest trends in hair?

Some of the latest trends are having natural texture and incorporating that into different styles such as up-dos, ponytails, faux bobs etc. variations in ponytails and deep side parts.

Which is your favourite product and equipment for hair styling?

My favourite equipment for hairstyling is my half inch comb that I can use to make small curls and my favourite products are from TRESemmé.

Which brand you support for hair colour. What is your take on the permanent hair colour?

My take on permanent hair colour is – ‘if you are willing to experiment it’s a great thing.’ Don’t be afraid to try something new but my biggest thing is baby steps. Change can happen in small ways, it doesn’t need to be dramatic change.

Who, according to you is the style icon or rising star of the hair industry?

There are a lot of people who can be considered as style icons or rising starts but in my book one of my favourite is Scarlet Johanson. She has no fear with colours with textures, with styles. She really does it perfect with whatever she does.

What is your future plan?

My future plans are to eventually build my own brand hopefully incorporating both products and hairstyling to make it easier for women to achieve the looks which are difficult. Sometimes the simple things are the ones we don’t think about in helping us to achieve them. So, I would like to think that I have acquired knowledge in few trips along the way to share with others.