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Geometric Fusion at WIFW Spring/Summer 2014


There are no set rules in this new era of fashion and it’s all about the individual style and personal taste. But any lead to whet the style in the mind is imperative which is why we refer to fashion weeks to know the fashion forward. In this edition, the designers have aesthetically galvanised the highly anticipated 22nd bi-annual extravaganza, India Fashion Week where the fashion connoisseurs witnessed the coming together of the finest of styles and techniques on fabrics.

- Geometric Fusion

Malini Ramani displayed a collection of casual and semi formal dresses. The collection was shiny, sassy and sparkling for the outgoing and bold Indian women. Using a lot of metallics and tribal prints, Ramani’s collection was interesting to see. The gold sequined mermaid gown looked glamorously wearble. The collection also includes silk jersey drapes in pop colours, block printed dresses on sand-washed silk and cotton, and sexy cocktail dresses in slinky fabrics.

Abdul Haldar: Feminine Yet Sassy

Abdul Halder’s collection ‘The Charm’ was dedicated to confident, bold and dramatic women who know how to live their life. Themes of romanticism, unapologetic obsession and subversive femininity came to life on rich textures of opulent and bold prints, which were drenched in colour and lavished with embellishments.

Dev R Nil: Vintage love

Paying homage to the glorious era of 60’s and 70’s classic and chic style , the Designer duo Dev r Nil presented the bold and free- spirit feminine line. Dev r Nil used prints of art deco tiles, art nouveau frames with magnified print illusions. Inspired from the Emperor butterfly colour scheme and embroidered doilies , Ikat weaves have been constructed. The designers have also developed their own lace which was delicate and functional for this collection. Colours like coral, yellow, mints and nudes were seen in the line.

Nida Mahmood: Bold and Beautiful

Nida Mahmood presented larger than life collection as it was a tribute to glorious 100 years of Indian cinema.Her collection was titled as ‘Bombay Bioscope’ , which brought the beauty, creativity and timelessness of Indian cinema. Comprised of Bengal tant sarees and 3D metallic dresses, Nida’s love for Indian cinema was visible through her collection . Wearing face masks the models sizzled on the ramp. The colour palette predominantly consisted on blue, white and yellow.

Pankaj and Nidhi:  Classical Ornamentation

Designer duo, Pankaj and Nidhi’s Spring/Summer collection paid a tribute to the Renaissance period. The collection has sport-jackets, printed pants, sheer jacket dresses and separates. The collection was charming and spontaneous with generous use of colours like quarried whites, pearly grays, sunny yellows and ceramic blues in fabrics such as double jerseys, translucent tulles and iridescent silks. To decorate and to beautify the body is a human instinct, thus, ornamentation was generously seen in the collection. They invented a three dimensional appliqué technique to resemble sculpture in marble, fine fresco like silk embroideries, precision mosaic work done with hand-cut fabric biscuits to echo the startling beauty of Pompeian mosaic ceiling and print  artworks inspired by medieval church facades.