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    Spencer’s Raises the Bar on its Food Offer with Epicuisine


    Spencer’s Retail has opened a revamped hypermarket in Gurgaon’s MGF Mega City mall with an innovation in the form of ‘Epicuisine’. Incorporating the aesthetics and menu offer of a global gourmet store, Epicuisine takes Spencer’s international food offer to a new level.

    Speaking to IMAGES at the launch, , Sector Head – Spencer’s Retail, said: “Spencer’s is typically recognised as a food-first retailer, and we want to build on that differentiation. Hence, we will provide a full food offering that is top of mind for people who want to lead a gourmet lifestyle and who take delight in discovering new cuisines – both local and international and products that enhance their lifestyle.”

    Epicuisine, an amalgamation of the words ‘epicenter’ and ‘cuisine’, is designed to offer cuisines from across the world on one table, ready for consumption or meal solutions for cooking convenience.

    An array of meal solutions hailing from 10 countries and regions, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Continental, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Lebanese and Moroccan, complete with ingredients, condiments, and ready to eat/ cook menus, is displayed in a stunningly designed space that reflects the experiences of a well-travelled, aspirational shopper.

    A wide range of freshly cut fruits, ready to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices, salads, soups and chats are available for healthy snacking options. Epicuisine also offers a powerhouse of vitamins and anti-oxidants in snacking solutions such as ‘Beetroot chat’, ‘Chatpati Bhel’, Mixed sprout chats, Caesar, Greek and Coleslaw salads, etc. Among the other global selections at this distinctly designed corner are a selection of breads and cheese varieties from across the planet, processed meat and desserts from seven countries, live bakery providing the a fine range of pastries and munchies.

    The Epicuisine format, which also exists in two other Spencer’s hypermarkets in Kolkata, will feature in only some of the 30 large format Spencer’s stores currently operating, depending on catchment and demographics, Goenka confirmed. The retailer is set to open a total of 12 new hypermarkets this year, going up to 80 over the next four years.

    Epicuisine Merchandise Mix

    • Cheese: 
      Halumi, Feta, Edam, Gouda, Stilton, Emmenthal, Cheddar, Brie, Camembert, Mascarpone, Gorgonzola, , (Hard / Semi hard / Soft / Blue and in Mild / Smoked / Creamy variants) and Artisan Cheeses from Kodaikanal.
    • Speciality Meat:
      Parma Ham, Serrano Ham, Iberico Pate Negra, German Black Forest Ham, Peiking Duck, Bratwurst, Milano Salami, Turkey , Chorizo, Pepperoni, Vienna Frankfurter Smoked, Mortadella Bologna, Fat Free Ham (Price Range: Rs 310 –  Rs 3790).
    • Breads:
      Artisan Fresh Cheese & Basil Baguette, Artisan Kalamata Olives Baguette, German Rye Sour Dough, Pesto Panini Bread, Hazelnut Twist, Walnut Ring, Olive Ciabatta, Butter Sugar Loaf, Country Corn Bread, Cheese & Herb Blast, Fruit Zopf.
    • Cakes & Pastries:
      Tiramisu, Berry Blast, Calypso, Bresilienne, Dobos Torte, Battenberg, White Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Praline Roulade, Mocha Samba, Peach Melba, Soufflé & Mousse, Lemon Meringue Pie, Misti Doi Mousse (Price Range: Rs 40 – Rs 800)
    • Ready to Cook/ Eat:
      Exotic fresh Dips such as Guacamole, Mexican salsa , Sushi Bento Boxes, Ready to Cook Pizza slices, Fresh Boiled Noodle / Mee foon, Fresh Boiled Pasta, Fresh Boiled Corn, Ready to Cook / Eat “Paturi”, Continental Breakfast Box, Value pack for cut vegetables / Salads, Value pack for cut fruits / Salads, Value Pack for Paneer / Mawa.
    • Oils & Dressings
      Olive oil, Flavoured Olive Oils, Oriental Culinary oils, Balsamic vinegars, Brown Rice wine vinegar, culinary vinegars, red / white wine vinegar, Sherry vinegar, Japanese Sushi vinegar.
    • Condiments & Spices
      Spreads, Dijon Mustard, Olives and olive spreads, Dried spices, Harissa, Sea salt & rock salt, Seasonings, Wasabi, Saffron, Peppercorns, Vanilla beans, Capers, Gherkins, etc.
    • Breads
      Artisan Fresh Cheese & Basil Baguette; Artisan Kalamata Olives Baguette; German Rye Sour Dough; Pesto Panini Bread; Hazelnut Twist; Walnut Ring; Olive Ciabatta; Butter Sugar Loaf; Country Corn Bread; Cheese & Herb Blast; Fruit Zopf.