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Bridal Market on the Ascent


Market trends suggest that for the newer generation of brides to- be, spending money on their hair, make-up and skin treatment is proving to be a guilt-free process. Salon India takes a look at this ever-growing market

The bridal market is on a high and touching unimaginable heights. Today’s bride-to-be is not only interested in embracing the latest trends on the D-day, but is also willing to splurge without thinking twice.

In the Indian culture, a wedding is one of the major events and an opportunity for grand celebrations. Gone are the days when brides took beauty services just for the D-day. These days, brides start getting skin and hair treatments months before the wedding day. No doubt, opportunities are big enough for the players in the market to cash in on the same and how proactively the salons and spas market the packages for men and women.

The booming market

With each passing year, Indian weddings are getting bigger and better, offering lucrative business opportunity to players involved. As stated in the India Salon Report 2013, the current size of the salon industry in India is USD 2billion and is going to be USD 3.5 billion by 2015.

Trends – make-up

Talking about trends, the view is that smokey eyes in shades of purple and wine have made a comeback this season. Even glittery eyes are back on the international runways and seem to be a favourite with brides who like their make-up strong.

Trends – hair

When it comes to hair – updos with buns, bouffants, sophisticated chignons and embellished braids are the trending bridal hairstyles, this season, that have opened the market to a whole new level for all the salons and hair care brands.The market is seeing a crossover in hair trends from West to East and vice versa. Braids are currently in vogue and this trend is here to stay! The fishtail braid is one of the most popular looks for this season.

Trends – nails

Trend in bridal nail art, is categorised according to the mind-set of the bride. It could vary from a French manicure is light shades or she may want her nails to be heavily done up with shimmer, rhinestones, gold or silver accessories with 3D flowers as well.

One of the biggest challenge that every brand faces is – how to reach the right audience. Bad marketing strategy is one that contributes most to it.

The other challenge that stands out from the rest is the unavailability of skilled manpower and the presence of state-of-the-art facilities, where the manpower can be trained to meet the demands of the market.

There is no doubt that this market has potential, however, it is yet to be fully realised. While advertising about it through all the avilable channels will be ncessary, a team of skilled artists and eduction in the line of hair and make-up is now almost mandatory. Reputed brands need to hike up their presence in tier II and III cities as that’s where the maximum money is spent on such grand occasions.

The current market of the Indian bridal industry stands at USD38 billion, with the increase in awareness of the consumer, it will be on the roll for years to come.