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Sameer Lakhani: Rising Like the Phoenix


How many stylists do you know who are in the professiob because they have no other option? The general thought is that – every creative artist is in the profession because he enjoys it and loves being a part of it. However, this perception has been proved wrong by Sameer , Creative Director, Juice Salon, who turned bad luck on its head and emerged an absoloute winner.

Reveals Lakhani, “I was born into a wealthy family and lived a luxurious life. When I turned 22, I had thought of going to the University of Pennsylvania for further studies. I had not even in my wildest dreams ever anticipated such a change in fate. Our family business of stone mining took a major hit and a day came when we had to sell off the house we were staying in.

I was forced to shelve my plans and help my dad with the business instead.

I couldn’t leave his side when he needed me the most.

Without a factory, without a house, without any money – the road ahead looked scary.” At this juncture, to survive, Lakhani took up a job in a car loan company as a sales executive.

We didn’t have enough money to take care of our expenditure. My wife, Rachana, proved my singlepoint support system. She was engaged with Juice as a trainer then,” shares he.

So how did Lakhani get into hairstyling? Smiling, he shares, “I was sitting one day figuring out what to do when my wife suggested that I enroll myself for a hair cutting course at Juice, which was to begin in a day’s time.

She asked me to think it over saying she was certain I would excel in this field. We didn’t talk about it again, but something made me pick the phone up the next day. There I was enrolled and ready to learn haircutting!”

Soon after the completion of the course, he was placed as an intern at the Juice Salon in Colaba.

At this time, he was only making Rs 3,000 every month – a sum he earned for the next four months. Then one day, his manager, Chunmun Khuranna, noticed his work and offered him the position of senior stylist, but at the new location of Juice in , Bandra.

After joining the Pali Hill outlet and within three years, Lakhani managed to scale up to the level of Art Director.

Then something happened. “In 2010, I spoke with Kalwani and told him that it was time for me to move on.

He suggested that I take up the franchise of Juice.

I started to look for places and narrowed down the Andheri-Juhu area.

Taking a deep breath and with a prayer on my lips, in July 2010, I opened my own Juice salon,”says the confident smiling Lakhani.

Lakhani is of the view that India is changing! “Consumerism is growing. Awareness with regard to better quality products and professional services is on the rise,” says he.