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“We Don’t Believe in Having Standard Menus and Fixed Price Points”


In the coming two to three months, we have set a sales target of Rs 1 lakh per day from this fi rst outlet. We expect to break-even comfortably in two years’ time.

What is the concept behind Kitchen Central?

Kitchen Central is a brand under Fobsters Hospitality, an Indo-American venture, which was set up early this year for catering to the Quick Service Dining segment and to offer an interesting mix of hospitality concepts and quality food. My friends and me, who are five professionals with diverse professional backgrounds, had been debating over setting up a new (QSR) concept with the aim of recreating a restaurant-like experience for people dining at home. But after a few months of food trials and burnt fi ngers (pun intended), we realised that we needed to set up a commercial kitchen with full-time chefs on board to concretise the idea. After seeing the finances and investments involved, it struck me that we should make commercial use of this kitchen. Thus, the idea of a centralised kitchen that could cater to a variety of consumer needs came about, and Kitchen Central (KC) was set up.

It provides a series of food solutions that include food delivery, catering, preparing semiprocessed food for retail, and turnkey services for any event.

Tell us about your other facilities

Under Kitchen Central, we currently operate two kitchens in Delhi: one in Sainik Farms and the other in Civil Lines. Both are approximately 1,000 sqft in area and are comparable to kitchens in 5-star hotels, and completely unlike the kitchens or cooking counters of home delivery joints, restaurants and caterers.

What investments have you made?

For setting up a kitchen like ours and sustaining it for six months, on an average requires an investment of Rs 75 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

What’s on your menu?

Kitchen Central has an exhaustive menu ranging from Italian, Mughlai, Chinese,Thai to Fast Food.

How do you decide the price points of the food items on the menu?

We don’t believe in the concept of having standard menus and fixed price points. Typically, we have an interface with our clients and understand their requirements, on the basis of which, fresh costing is done by our three departments: cooking, service and logistics.

How do you manage food wastage?

It is our constant endeavour to distribute leftover food to and such other associations. There is a youth hostel in north Delhi to which we send left over food immediately after a catering event.

What are your future plans?

We plan to add more kitchens in Delhi and NCR within the next one year, following which we will enter other metros. Going forward, our company aims to have a growth rate of 15 to 20 percent per annum.