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Heritage Craft of Shawl Making


Please give a brief background of Ahujasons. What is the prime focus of the brand? 

Ahujasons was established to revive the dying art of shawl weaving and provide talented artisans with a livelihood. Two decades since its inception in 1980, Ahujasons is, today, the undoubted leader in the arena of shawls taking the rich Indian legacy further. It has made its presence felt not only in the domestic market, but worldwide as well. We can well and truly be called the inheritors of this rich legacy and credited with reviving the 600 year-old rich tradition.

What is your retail presence as of now?

We have two stores in Delhi – one in Karol Bagh and the other flagship store at South Extension II, which is the largest destination store for shawls and stoles in the country.

What is the investment that goes into opening a new store?

This is confidential. The sample size is too small to arrive at a statistic.

Do you plan to increase stores or expand with a diverse product portfolio?

Yes, the brand will see some expansion in the future, both in the width of offerings, and probably, in the increase of stores – but that is in the future.

What is the product range you offer? Price range that it falls into?

The range starts from Rs 500 and goes into hundreds of thousands for rare pieces with extensive workmanship. There is not one price point that we can point out, but price points from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,500 tend to be popular in the segment of fashion scarves. Shawls end up seeing Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 as most popular price bands. For pashminas, the customer is not really price sensitive and the price does not play a deciding factor – also since it’s a one of a kind product – there is no real fixed price points.

What are the bestsellers? Why?

Pashminas are the forte of the brand and merge as favourites and all time bestsellers. This is largely because Ahujasons is the largest treasure trove of pashminas in the country and there is years of goodwill that draws pashmina purveyors from the world over to Ahujasons.

Where is the manufacturing unit located?

Delhi and a lot of adopted villages in Kashmir.

How do you choose the store locations?

Well, Ahujasons is a destination store. We have always aimed to position our stores in locations that are central and have ease of reach for our customers.