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Fashion stands guilty of boosting disposable economy and burdening the planet with over-consumption. As fashion looks back for aesthetic inspiration, a new thought process is emerging. The concept of slow fashion! It is about preciousness, authenticity, about how we can do with less, think of better ways of producing, emphasise on sourcing and producing locally. The new paradigm is inspiring us to think more social, more political, to look at fashion as the driving force in our search for another world and not an object of ridicule and indulgence. The overall mood at the Bread & Butter echoed chic sophistication, dressing up, less is more, artisanal aspects and quirky details.Convergence of street wear and sportswear, sportswear and urban fashion, couture, sport and street wear, creates excitement and lends an eye-catching appeal to a look.

Street and denim

Fusion of street wear and sportswear style for the attitude-driven urban cool – vibrant, original and deeply rooted in worldwide street culture. Colour blocking in patchwork style or patchwork with colour blocking in blue is the new ‘cool’! Batik style bleaching gets bolder, washed out effects, whether it is sun bleached or accidentally washed with chlorine instead of a softener, bleached looks are in style. Extreme bleached washing, but also vintage washings, as well as overdyed in bright colours, are important. The more worn-in,  the better the look. Small artisanal graphic details on the belt, handpainted  and embroidered monograms on the jean pockets and flaps customise the brands. Printed sportswear devour digital conversational prints using fruity motifs, animal patterns and everyday objects. Tie, the lipstick of men, stages a major comeback across the board with interesting options. Classic jean jackets, vests and denim shirts, with quirky surprises rejuvenate menswear and super-tight, fitting bottoms in light weight denim, tone the women’s wear.

Urban fashion

Sophisticated casual style. It is neat, slim and minimalistic. A modern twist on the classic college look! A collegiate look typically features raglan shirt, polo shirts or T-shirts graced with oversized lettering or logos from the most popular brands of the segment. These are worn with chinos or sweatpants, and for the girls, sometimes a flared skirt with knee-high socks teamed with the college jacket. It is intelligent, sporty, preppy, cool, timeless and comfortable – all at the same time. The more sporty styles take to printed surfaces with exotic flowers, bugs and leaves in different colours for shirts, pants and dresses. Camouflage and military elements are reinvented. In full body prints, patterns should not only be wildly combined, but cover the whole body whether it’s leaf, flower or a graphic print.

Urban superior

Couture mixes sportswear and street styling to illuminate new trails with new interpretations for formal fashion and casual dressed-up, conjuring a far more exciting appeal and debonair elegance to individual styling. Suit jacket with meticulous detailing in high end satin stretch cottons combined with leather-fit trousers. Team a baseball jersey with a leather dress and high heels; sweatpants with little chic Chanel jacket, an Adidas logo shirt combined with Celine slacks, Jimmy Choo boots and tattered denim shorts.

The young generation today, fashion is effortlessly transcending boundaries much like a master juggler and creating new hybrids.