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Ileana D’Cruz: Back to the Roots

Maintenance ritual
A lot of effort goes into maintaining my crowning glory. I make it a point to include Vitamin E and plenty of food rich in protein in my diet every day. Keeping stress to a minimum also ensures that my hair is beautiful and well nourished. Also, although oiling is hugely underrated, it is important especially in our profession where the hair is exposed to a lot of styling, heat products, et cetera. I oil my hair regularly, which acts as a natural conditioner. Most important of all, you should use a shampoo that not only suits you but also has the goodness to take care of your hair under all conditions.

Style fundas
On a regular day, I like to leave my hair open. On special occasions, I like to go glam and opt for a nice sleek bun with a side parting. For a casual day, I like to let my hair down!

Products I can’t do without
I like minimal hair products on my hair. To get my hair in place, a shampoo and blowdry is all I need. For my skin, I use a good night cream.
Experimenting with hair looks 
Personally, I love changing my hairstyle every few months, but I try not to mess with the length too much.

Celeb style I admire 
Salma Hayek. I think she keeps it fuss-free and elegant.
On the make-up front 
I like to keep it simple. When I have to go to a party, my make-up will include soft tones and dark eyes.
Love the look Well,
I have completely fallen for the fishtail style simple yet chic! And I’ve also seen a lot of girls sport the hair braid in so many beautiful ways, i love it! One can flaunt this look with great élan.