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Considered a global leader in flavour, McCormick manufactures, markets and distributes spices, seasoning mixes, condiments and other flavourful products to the entire food industry – from retail outlets and food manufacturers to food service businesses. McCormick World of Flavors is McCormick’s first and only branded retail destination, where visitors can interact with many of their favourite brands from around the world, like Lawry’s, Old Bay, Zatarain’s, Grill Mates, Vahiné and Thai Kitchen.

The spice brand’s destination store offers customers an interactive experience that educates and entertains. Five “digital engagements” ranging from quizzes to dynamic digital signage, visitors can learn about seasonings or simply browse attractive racks of culinary gifts.
Visitors can enjoy interactive and educational displays, cooking demonstrationsand product sampling. The space allows real world cooking experiences with “fantasy” scenarios, such as a dream barbecue station, and an area for cooking demos and sampling, giving the sense that the kitchen is the heart of the walk-in experience.
Original, high-impact digital media and custom applications engage customers. Digital components combined with analog systems to create cooking demos and a “Guess That Spice” game that wafts scent from a fragrance dispenser system.
Unique features
Signature identity elements begin at the store exterior, with the McCormick brand block on the outside of the store, extending into the center with a “flavour band” and signage offering a glimpse into the activities within.
The store is organised by a series of zones focussing on branding in key product categories and activity areas. Interactive Stations include five immersive digital engagements, featuring Guess that Spice, a game that tests consumers’ sense of smell, flavour print, an interactive personalised flavour profile, and Flavors in the Making, a series of entertaining videos on how spices and herbs go from nature to table.
Cooking demonstrations and product sampling allow visitors to experience first hand the variety of flavours available. In the barbecue area, natural light gives the space an “outdoor” feel. Experiential moments are showcased in vignettes, including the “red cap” alcove and the “gifting” history wall.
Special colours and materials
Stainless steel, aluminum, and marble provide a progressive and contemporary appearance, part test lab, part “kitchen of the future.” The store’s loft-like appearance, polished concrete floors, and open ceilings use the “bones” of the building as a background element, contrasting with the tabletops made from recycled, reclaimed wood. In the demo kitchen, a marble top and red tile facade sets off the area.