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Spirit of Alcor, Alcor Spa, Delhi

Spirit of Alcor is the signature therapy at Alcor Spa, it includes 10 minutes of dry massage To simulate the body followed by 20 minutes of jacuzzi therapy which ha many benefits for your health. A Jacuzzi therapy is great for back or leg pain, strained muscles and overall Sorness. Many people with arthritis benefit from a session of jacuzzi therapy. An hour of relaxing oil massage is next which relives both mental and physical stress. A nice rub facilitates the release of lactic acid accumulation. To be able to enjoy a massage and reap maximum Benifits, the choice of the oil is very important. When at the Alcor Spa, you are more likely to be treated to a blend of aromatic oils.
Price:  Rs. 2,500+taxes
Duration: 90 minutes