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Gurgaon: b:blunt Mini

b:blunt mini launched their debut store in Gurgaon, offering the  suave people of the city pioneer services for hair and beauty.  The b:blunt experience includes getting pampered by worldclass  hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians and dermatologists.  b:blunt mini is essentially a succinct b:blunt- your neighborhood  beauty salon, where people can walk in and get the same top  notch treatment that customers have come to expect of the  brand.  The menu of services offered at b:blunt is inclusive of the  entire hair and beauty bandwidth. And b:blunt mini may be more
compact, but it is perfectly formed.
Colour combination: White and beige
Products: Kérastase for hair care, L’Oréal Professionnel for hair
Lighting: White
Flooring: Italian marble