• Brand mantra: Comfort and fashion go together; quality complimented by affordability
  • Brand turnover:  Rs.150 crore in retail in 2012-13
  • Growth percentage: 45 to 50 per cent
  • Any strategy change: The brand is successfully established in MBOs and is now entering B2C business.
  • Retail presence: Pan India
  • Total no. of EBOs: 8
  • Total no. of MBOs: 2000+
  • Expansion or extension or diversification plan(s): More EBOs and looking forward for more SIS.
  • New territories or regions added: No territory left in India and looking forward to explore the Middle East countries and European market.
  • Product assortment: Shirts, trousers, denims, T-shirts, shorts, pullovers, jackets, blazers and sweatshirts for men. Shirts, trousers and denim for women.
  • Target consumers: Anyone who knows about fashion, comfort and quality.
  • Turning point(s) in my brand’s life: The brand has gradually evolved according to its plan. It has successfully started producing for B2C business and has a good brand value in customers’ minds.