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Mumbai: Dessange Paris

At the Dessange Paris spa everyone is treated as the centre of  a ritual devoted to their beauty and wellbeing. Both salons in  Mumbai are spread over 3000 sq ft and have used material such  as taffetas, hardwood and marble.  The treatment rooms create a universe conducive to daydreaming  and escape; as the beauty advisers’ experienced  hands dispense body treatments and facials that leave you  relaxed.  And if you feel like it, you can enjoy the shower which is available  to all. Relieved from tension and free from toxins, your body  is once again in harmony with your mind.
Colour combination: Virginal white walls contrasting with soft  champagne shades.
Products: In-house
Lighting: LED and Hybec lights
Flooring: Italian marbles
Architect: Yasir Merchant, Global Designs