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  • Brand mantra:  Stay Hot!
  • Product assortment:  Tops, tunics, dresses, T-shirts, jumpsuits, jackets, sweaters, capris, jeggings, shrugs, pants, stoles, jeans, skirts, shorts, etcetera.
  •  Retail presence:  120 cities and towns in India and internationally in Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Ecuador, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.
  • Total no. of EBOs: 21
  • Total no. of MBOs: 400
  • Best performing MBOs from all regions in the following categories:
  • National: Shoppers Stop and Pantaloons
  • Regional: ChunMun, Rituwear, Kapsons
  • Single-store MBOs:  Catwalk and Meena Bazar
  • Targeted towns or cities in the next couple of years: Jamshedpur, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Surat, Jalandhar, and Patiala.
  • Target consumers:  A 109°F customer is between the age group of 22 and 35 years. She is one who is not only in tune with upcoming trends, but also wants to look appropriate. She wants to look fresh and beautiful. She is urbane, loves to travel and has an active social life. She is confident when it comes to trying out new styles in clothing
  • Trends for the upcoming season:  Bright neons. Stripes, geometric patterns and animal motives will be seen for prints. Loose straight-fit asymmetrical silhouettes, peplum tops and dresses. Detailing with metallic studs, chains and hot fix will be prominent.