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Engelhorn, Mannheim’s top fashion destination, has relaunched its trend house with a younger target group in mind.

Everyone knows that the Engelhorn Consortium of Companies has its finger on the pulse of fashion. The newly designed Trendhouse upholds this reputation. The Blocher Blocher Partners concept focusses on clearly structured, open retail spaces and innovative design ideas. And it starts with the display windows: Partly bedecked in a sanitised foil, the inset display cases draw the eye to very special fashion items. Set on the walkway outside the entrance, a touch-screen offers a virtual shopping tour. Here, passersby can browse Engelhorn’s fashion offerings even when the store is closed and they can order their favourite items for home delivery.

Man Meets Woman

In all, the designers modernised about 1,700 sq.m. over three floors: From more urban denim chic in the underground level to a young women’s department on the top floor. All three levels feature concrete finished walls and are decorated with vintage and industrial elements; thus, the floors are linked stylistically, even though they feature different designs and merchandise. Another element found on all three floors is the custom shelving in various materials, which double as room dividers.

On the ground floor, natural light pours in from the windows behind the angle display racks, which are attached to one another by oversized zippers. The retail floor now affords an unbroken view of the entire width of the building – from the entrance at the Kapuzinerplanken pedestrian zone to the walkway on the other side. This new view axis, emphasised by a black, angular ceiling panel, separates the women’s and men’s departments. The former glows in gleaming white; its tables feature neon-yellow highlights, and grey pine surfaces add a warm accent. An eye-catcher is the dressing room, a floor-to-ceiling cube of recycled, stained  wood. In the men’s department, dark colours dominate; black furniture with leather and wood details give the space a rugged feel.

The New Look

For the young women’s department at the first floor, the designers removed fitting rooms in order to open up the space and let in more daylight. Bright yet modest colours set the tone. A little pep is introduced through the yellow-painted block of fitting rooms and the blue paneled cube that broadcast the recently acquired “New Look” brand. In the denim and young men’s department below ground, the walls are done in a somewhat darker colour; the furniture features dark wood and raw steel. One attention grabber is the built-in, beveled wood wall; another is the broad wooden table on which jeans are presented. This is linked to the accessories area with flexible furniture that can be rearranged to the heart’s delight.

Source: Engelhorn